Week 3 Timeline;

  • John Tyndall (Aug.1820-Dec.1893)

    John Tyndall is best know for discovering the 'Green House' effect by testing and measuring how well different atmospheric gases absorber heat radiation (Cantor,Geoffrey.2015). Tyndall felt religion gave reason to what was morally good, something science has a difficult time answering (Graham, Steven.1999).
  • Charles Sanders Peirce (Sep.1839-Apr.1914)

    Charles Sanders Peirce is most notably know as a pragmatism and prolific logician. Peirce considered both logic and philosophy sciences. He understood philosophy to be the philosophy of science, and he understood logic to be the logic of science. (Burch, Robert.2021)
  • Neils Bohr(Oct.1885-Nov.1962)

    Neil Bohr is most notable know for his work with his model of the atomic structure for which he won the Nobel Peace prize.
    (Niels Bohr (1885 - 1962). Bohr challenged the the "laws of physics" were not mutually exclusive to the entire universe and everything in it. (Loeffler, John.2019)
  • Werner Heisenbergh (Dec.1901-Feb.1976)

    Heisenberg is best known for his uncertainty principle and theory of quantum mechanics. His principle of uncertainty states that determining position and momentum of mobile particles contains errors.(The Nobel prize in physics. 1932)