Joslin McKay Week 3 Timeline

  • Karl Popper

    Karl Popper was born in Vienna, Austria on July 28,1982 - September 17,1994. He was and is known for being a profound philosopher during his time specifically for his views on pseudoscience and falsifiability.
  • The Logic of Scientific Discovery

    Published in 1935, this was the work of Karl Popper introducing his view on scientific theories and falsifiability.The Logic of Scientific Discovery was the first book published by Popper making it the most significant fore it introduced this new theory that influenced science as a whole however, he went on to publish three other works later on down the line further expanding on his views of science.
  • Falsifiability

    One of the biggest influences Karl Popper brought to science was his introduction to falsifiability. Popper's approach essentially explained that the is no definite answer in science, everything is subject to change. This idea explained by Popper is what gives science the opportunity to continue in advances. Looking back through history, science starts with one approach and then others build on it with new theories and new technology.
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