We Didn't Start the Fire

  • Harry Truman Inaugurated

    Harry Truman wins the 1948 presidential election in a stunning upset, and is inaugurated the following January.
  • People's Republic of China Established

    The Marxist forces of Mao Zedong win the Chinese Civil War, proclaiming China to be a Marxist state.
  • Korean War Begins

    The North Korean Army invades South Korea. The following war involves the UN, US, USSR, and PRC and lasts for 3 years.
  • Joseph Stalin Dies

    Joseph Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union since the 1924 death of Lenin, dies.
  • French Forces Defeated at Dien Bien Phu

    The Viet Minh defeats the besieged French military at Dien Bien Phu, bringing the First Indochina War to a close.
  • Mongomery Bus Boycotted

    Citizens of Montgomery, Alabama boycott the Montgomery Bus Lines in reaction to the arrest of Rosa Parks.
  • Sputnik Satellite Launched

    The Soviet Union launches Earth's first artificial satelite, Sputnik-1.
  • Castro Ousts Batista

    The 26th of July revolutionary movement wins the Cuban Civil war and establishes Cuba as a Marxist State.
  • Berlin Wall Erected

    East Germany creates a wall dividing East and West Berlin.
  • Kennedy Assassinated

    US President John Kennedy is assassinated by Lee Oswald in Dallas, Texas.
  • US Astronauts land on Moon

    The United States lands astronauts on the Moon, winning in the Space Race.
  • Shah Leaves Iran

    Following almost a year of revolution, the Shah agrees to leave Iran. Soon after, an Islamic Theocracy is established.
  • Soviet Union Invades Afghanistan

    To support the pro-Soviet government, the Soviet Union invades Afghanistan.
  • Chinese Soldiers Fire on Student Protesters at Tiananmen Square

    Chinese soldiers open fire on students protesting the Chinese Government at Tiananmen Square. The students had been occupying the square since April.