Water pollution History

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  • Cuyahoga River in Ohio

    Cuyahoga River in Ohio
    This river goes into The great lake Erie and the river was so polluted that it hand sparked on fire multiple times. And during the next thirty years the river had caught on fire multiple times.
  • water quality act

    water quality act
    The water quality act was started by states and later on it had turned into a federal law called the clean water act. and it was helped by the river from earlyier that had started to catch on fire the river had helpped conivnce people that water pollution was a serious thing.
  • Clean water act

    Clean water act
    The clean water act was made becasue during the time of the ninty hundreds and so forth people had done so much industrilazation that. Water ways were then filled with trash that shouldn't have been there origanally. Also from all the industrilazation chemicals were dumped into water ways and posioned the natural ecosystem so the act was created to ensure that people were not posioned by there own pollutantes.
  • Pro water pollution group

    Pro water pollution group
    Clean water action this group is a 501(c)(3) based group that devotes there time to making sure water is clean for people and they go and help. With highly polluted water area's like when there is a major oil spill.
  • Safe drinking water act

    Safe drinking water act
    The Safe drinking water act is a law hel by the United States of America. And it is backed up by the Envirmental protection agency it is used to create clean drinking water for the people of the united states of america. Also this act doesn't cover private wells also bottled water is not regulated by this act the FDA is still regulating the water bottles field.
  • 2nd largest oil spill

    2nd largest oil spill
    The 2nd largest amount of oil spilled was 140 million gallons in the Campeche Bay wihch was the in the gulf of mexico and it was cleaned up after words.
  • Point source pollutions

    Point source pollutions
    The clean water act had taken affect and so sewers are checked and so are things like ditches and industrial storm water waste. THe goverment goes and checks on the chemicals that companys let go into water and so they try to clean the waste.
  • Largest oil spill yet

    Largest oil spill yet
    About 240 million gallons of crude oil to 336 million gallons of oil was spilled in the gulf war in Iraqi. And saddly only about 58.8 million gallons was recovered from the spill also the spill was the size of the largest island in hawii.
  • Clean water act nonpoint source

    Clean water act nonpoint source
    about twenty five years after the clean water act was put into action. non point source pollution was still a big problem so befroe they had adjusted the laws to help with nonpoint states had begun to do the water quality act which was able to help with the water pollution in the states.
  • Ground water in africa

    Ground water in africa
    According to rescent studys in africa there is a quite large amount of water that can be pulled up. but the high cost ot drilling for water and the cost ot keep it safe is a little to much so. clean water is hard for some of the African people to get.