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Voices of War

By Alex 2X
  • Ruth Comfort Mitchell was born

    Ruth Comfort Mitchell was born
    Ruth Comfort Mitchell Young was an American author and playwright. She was born in San Francisco, California and spent summers in the town of Los Gatos, where her parents and grandparents had summer homes. At the age of fourteen, her first poem was published in the local Los Gatos Mail newspaper
  • Rupert Brooke born

    Rupert Brooke born
    Rupert Brooke was born in Warwickshire in england. He was the second son of three sons.
  • Wilfred Owen born

    Wilfred Owen born
    Wilfred Owen was born as the oldest in a house of 4 kids in shropshire.
  • Wilfred Owen Education

    Wilfred Owen was educated at the Birkenhead Institute and at Shrewsbury Technical School. He found out his talent for writing in 1903-1904.
  • Rupert Brooke Kings college

    Rupert brooke was awarded a scholarship for kings college.
  • War Posters

    War Posters
    The diffrent countries had many posters that all tryed to make the civilians join the army, the person we can see on the picture for this event is, captian america. This poster is made to talk to each individual, the way he points on you make you feel that the poster is talking directly to you, that defines alot of the war posters.
  • The murder in Sarajevo

    The Austria-Hungary crown prins Franz Ferdinand where assasinated, by an Serbian nationalist named Gavrilo Princip. This led to a war between Austria-Hungary and Serbian. Because that these two countries had some aliances, this led to other countries needed to join the war.
  • The Soldier

    Rupert Brooke wrote "The Soldier" as a part of a series of poems that he wrote. it tells how important it is that people join the army, and that it is a great honor to serve for your country.
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  • Rupert Brooke at war

    Rupert Brooke joined the Navy and at Antwerp in Belgium he was in the midle of a battle where the Britsh troops was overrunned and needed to retreat.
  • Rupert Brookes Dies

    Rupert Brooke dies onboard a naval hospital ship. He got bitten by an insect and developed a blood poisening and that led to his death.
  • Trench warfare

    Trench warfare
    A trench is a tunnel that is digged out on the ground so you can move down in the tunnel with out being shot from distance. this made the warfare different then just shooting down the field and hitting when some one ran across the battle field. The German army inventet the poisen gas that they could throw down a trench and then people that inhales this gas will die. A day in a trench included constant danger from snipers, artilery, gas and a need to repair them trenches at all time.
  • America joins the war

    America joins the war
    The germans had commited naval warfare against all that approached Brittain and when the germans sunk a passsenger ship with american passengers onboard. The americans were outraged and pressured thier goverment to join the war, and the 6th of april 1917 they did.
  • Dulce et decorum est

    Wilfred Owen wrote this poem as a letter for his mother telling the cruel reality of the war, telling how the new gas warfare is horrible. This poem tell how hard the life is for a soldier.
  • Battle of St. Mihiel

    Battle of St. Mihiel
    The Battle of St. Mihiel begins when 300,000 American troops under the direct command of General Pershing fling themselves into the German lines. pushing the german back into their country and working their way threw Germany.
  • Wilfred Owens dies

    Owen was killed in action on 4 November 1918 during the crossing of the Sambre Oise Canal.
  • Wilhelm abdicates

    Kaiser Wilhelm abdicates, ending all German hope for a victory. He and his retinue quietly slip over the border into the Netherlands where he lives out the remainder of his life in relative peace and writes a self-promoting memoir defending his actions in the war.
  • The ending of WWI

    USA joined the French and British army in the summer of 1918 and together they were victories against the german army. and in nover 1918 the leaders of both sides and helt a meeting that led to the end of world war 1 and the Verseils Treaty got written.
  • Richard Hillary was born

    RIchard Hillary was born in Sydney in Australia. he came to england with his father after WWI. He went to Shrewbury school and Trinity college in Oxford. When WWII broke out he was a member of "Oxford Royal Air Force Volunteer". He was happy to join the Air Force, because it solved all carrier problems, and he looked forward to fly the airplanes.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    This is one of the peace treaties that was writen after WWI, one of the most important and controversial required Germany to accept responsibility for causing the war. The Versailles Treaty also sayd that Germany should pay a huge war debt. This Treaty was one of the major reasons why germany was lead into WWII.
  • Germany invades poland

    German troops invades poland and that leads to that Britain, France, Australia and New Zealand declare war on Germany
  • Adolf Hitler the leader of Germany

    Adolf Hitler the leader of Germany
    Hitlers Nazi party came to the power in Germany. Immediatly Hitler started to compaign against Versails Treaty and started rearming hes country for what he sayd was for security.
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  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    japan attacks Pearl Harbor and forces US to join the war.
  • Holocaust

    Germany startet mass murdering Jewish people
  • Richard Hillary death

    Richard Hillary got shot down and suffered a hand injury. As soon ass he recovered he badget the Authorities until he was allowed back in a cockpit. He died in active service in 1943.
  • Allied invades italy

    The allied initiates an invasion in italy.
  • D-day

    On D-Day, June 6, 1944 , General Dwight Eisenhower led U.S. and Allied troops in an invasion of Normandy France. The armies fought their way through France and Belgium and into Germany while Russian troops fought from the east. On May 7, 1945, Germany surrendered
  • The battle of Iwo Jima started

    The battle of Iwo Jima started
    The battle of Iwo Jima Began. The USA wanted the three air fields on the island for more control over the pacific.
  • The battle of Iwo Jima ended

    At the end of the battle almost 6.000 emerican soldiers were killed and 18.000 japenese soldiers were killed. The japanese soldiers managed to kill 6.000 amarican soldiers even though the americans had better technology and air support at almost all time, because of their underground tunnels and their hidden artillery.
  • Iwo Jima

    The battle was very bloody
    American soldiers: 70,000 was sent to the island,
    450 ships was sent
    Casulties: c. 26,000
    Deaths: 6,800 Japanese soldiers: 22,060
    Casulties: c. 22,000
    Deaths: 21,850
  • The end of WWII

    Russia reaches Berlin and starts to take over the town, Hitler commits suicide together with his wife.
  • Atomic bombs in japan

    Atomic bombs in japan
    US attacks Hiroshima with atomic weapons and Japan surenders.
  • Poets corner

    Poets corner
    Wilfred Owen and Rupert Brooke was some of the poets that got a memory stone in Westminster Abbey as some of the most important war poets.