Vincent Van Gogh

  • Birth

    Vincent was bon in the Netherlands.
  • School

    Vincent attends school.
  • Finish school

  • First job

    First job
    Vincent lands a job at 'Goupil and Cie' art dealership
  • Transferred to Goupil's London

    After he transferred to Goupil's London Vincent falls in love.
  • Leaves his job

    He leaves 'Goupil an Ci' by mutual decision. He returns home and turns to religion.
  • Studies art

    Vincent goes to Brussels to learn about art.
  • Falls in love with his cousin

  • Meets a pregnant prostitute

    Meets a pregnant prostitute
    Vincent meets a pregnant prostitute named Sion and moves them in to his studio. After Sion has a baby she goes back to work and Vincent got jealous and moves out of his studio.
  • Moves back in with his parents

    Vincent moves back in to his parents house. He then was in a relationship with his neighbours daughter, Margot. Vincent proposed to Margot but her parents strongly disapproved to the marriage. Margot then poisons herself.
  • 'The potato eaters'

    'The potato eaters'
  • Move to Paris

    Vincent moves to Paris to live with Theo who is a successful art dealer.
  • 4 month relaionship

    4 month relaionship
    Vincent has a relationship with Agostina Segatori for 4 months. Agostina falls ill. Vincent got suspicious then accused her of having an abortion or miscarriage while carrying another man's child.
  • 'The sunflowers'

    'The sunflowers'
    Vincent moves into the famous Yellow House where he rents 4 rooms. He then decorated the house. He fills the guest rooms with freshly painted canvasses including 'The sunflowers.
  • Moves and tries to establish an artists colony

    Vincent moves to Arles south of France. His plan was to establish an artists colony were painters can discus their ideas and work. Sadly, that idea did not happen.
  • Van Goghs ear

    Van Goghs ear
    Van Gogh cuts his left ear off.
  • Vincent is in the hospital

    Theo travels to see Vincent. Treatments were arranged in the local hospital. By May 1889 it becomes clear that Vincent will need treatment in a local asylum.
  • 'Starry night'

    'Starry night'
    Van Gogh paints a popular piece of art in a asylum.
  • 'Wheatfield with cypresses'

    'Wheatfield with cypresses'
    Van Gogh paints a popular piece of art in a asylum.
  • Vincent admits himself to the Remy asylum

    Vincent admits himself to the asylum. Van Gogh is allowed to set up a studio in a spare room.
  • Leaves Remy asylum

    Leaves Remy asylum
    Vincent travels to a small village close to Paris. He is to be supervised by Dr. Paul G. Van Gogh paints Dr. Paul's portrait.
  • Death

    Vincent Van Gogh shot himself in the chest. He stumbled back to his house and died 2 days later. There's a theory that he was murdered by two local boys.