Helping oneanother

Video/Photography Project

  • Sign up for video/photo club

    Students will receive the permission slip to participate in the club. Parents will agree to be responsible for school equipment .
  • Video/Photo Club -parts of the video camera

    Video/Photo Club -parts of the video camera
    Parts of the video camera -students will work with their manuals to identify the parts and what they do.
  • Finalize roster, begin identifying parts of the digital camera

    Students will work with the manuals and identify the parts of the camera
  • Digital Camera - short quiz on the parts

    Digital Camera - short quiz on the parts
  • Video - short quiz over parts

  • Digital Camera - Rule of thirds - take several pics outdoors

  • Video - rule of thirds - shoot outside

    Share the pictures they have taken and discuss why they like certain pictures better than others.
  • Digital Camera - practice composition

    Working with the rule of thirds - students will practice taking pictures.
  • Video Camera - practice composition

    Create footage and compare them - answer questions about why certain ones look better.
  • Digital Camera - discuss and define theme

    Show the students a Blurb book - they will explore the site and identify books they like
  • Video - view professional work - discuss

    Begin talking about a story they could tell on video
  • 1st Quarter Presentation 6:30 - 7:00

    Presentation will be "diamonds in the rough" Footage that demonstrates an understanding of composition will be shown.
  • digital Camera - continue to work on stories

    Create a story board
  • Video Camera - review and plan next program

    Story boards should be finalized and filming will be planned.
  • Digital Camera - practice portraits -continue with Blurb

    Some students may want to use protraits as their theme - work with the elements of portraits. Continue working on Blurb books.
  • Video Camera - story development - begin writing

  • Digital Camera - Continue Blurbs and Portraits

    Take a break and compare/contrast your work - is it better?
  • Video Camera - continue story

    Create more footage if necessary
    Begin working with conversion and editing software
  • Digital Camera - continue Blurb

    Begin working with editing software - adjust light, contrast, color
  • Video Camera - Compare stories

    Continue editing tools - add sound
  • Digital Camera - Complete Blurbs

    Print a picture of students choice and mat them -
    (guest speaker-from a frame shop)
  • Video Camera - evaluate stories -more footage

  • Digital Camera - Publish books

    Most should have a book published or prints displayed.
  • Video Camera - Publish videos

  • Holiday Celebration