Video History

By LejlaC
  • Patent For Movie Machine

    Louis Ducos du Hauron patented the first movie machine. This device was never built before and started the creation of the movie expertise. It was a breakthrough after the invention of putting pictures together to create a movie.
  • First Movie

    Thomas Edison files a patent for the Optical Phonograph in 1888. This was the first movie. It led the way for improvements. Also gave people freedom to grow on this invention and changed lifestyles.
  • First Movie Studio

    Thomas Edison completed the worlds 1st movie studio. It was located in West Orange NJ. He created it to have a place to watch his movies. It led the way for many more to adapt this building.
  • First Showing

    Edison played the 1st movie. He created it to show a sneeze. Edison played it in his studio in West Orange, NJ. It wasn't officially a premiere and it include only his closest friends.
  • 1st commercial movie performance

    The first commercial movie performance was played. It created a new area of income through ads. It was played on 153 Broadway, NYC.
  • Thomas Edison's Kinetograph

    Thomas Edison patented his very own movie camera. He called it a Kinetograph. Technically, it was not the first movie camera, but he tried to take credit for it.
  • 1st Full Time Movie Theatre

    "Electric Theatre" was the first full-time movie theater in the United States. It opened in Los Angeles, California. It slowly made watching movies become a pastime for America.
  • 1st Horror

    This is when the first horror movie played. It was "Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde". This movie premiered in Chicago. It changed the way people thought of movies and how diverse they can be.
  • 1st movie stunt

    The first movie stunt was a man jumping into the Hudson river from a burning balloon. It set the place for more stunts. It also gave movies the opportunity to be more dynamic. You could make them more exciting with less risk.
  • Technicolor

    The first successful technicolor movie was played. It was the "Tall of the Sea". It was shown in NYC. Many people came to see this new advancement in technology.
  • 1st movie with a soundtrack

    "Jazz Singer" came out and was the 1st movie with a sound track. It made the path for movies to be more dynamic. It also shaped the way movies are now. It combined music and film.
  • Talkies

    The first talkie movie was "Don Juan". It was played at Warner Theatre, NY. Edison said that Americans preferred silent movies, but he was mistaken because these movies had more depth than a simple picture movie.