Victoria's Amendment Timeline

Timeline created by s.v.silva
  • Religious and Political Freedom

    Religious and Political Freedom
    Congress has no power over people's religon or how the show there religon. Everyone has freedom of speech. The purpose was to leave behind the controling goverment and tryannt.
  • Period: to

    Amendment time periods

  • Right to Bear Arms

    Right to Bear Arms
    Everyone should be able to hold\keep guns with them freely.Second Amendment unconnected to service in a militia and to use that arm for lawful purposes, such as self-defense at home.
  • Quartering Troops

    Quartering Troops
    No one should be forced to hold\house a solider in there home owner approves. That was one of the ruleing they could not afford or even liked about having king George. He thought of himself first before all the people.
  • Search and Seizure

    People of goverment are not allowed to search property of other without a warrent. Everyones home was entered and searched when the king was around and this envaded there privacy of there own home.
  • Rights of Accused Person

    Unless Grand Jury, no person should have to answer for a capitol. Except in cases arising land or naval forces and mitila.
  • Right to a Speedy Public Trail

    They con not hold you in jail forever without a fast public trail.The 6th amendment was already an England law but the King George’s people violated them here. People were arrested and thrown in jail indefinitely without charges or a trial, so basically the trials weren't public and they couldn't fairly defend themselves.
  • Trial by Jury in Civil Cases

    If you sue someone you can ask a jury to judge your case.
  • Limit of Fines and Punishment

    Bail, excessive fines, cruel or unusal punishment should be inflicted nor required.
  • Rights of People

    The rights of the people should not be limited by constitution.
  • Powers of state and People

    Everything power or right not given to the Federal Goverment and reserved for the states.
  • Lawsuits Against States

    If you sue a state it has to be in a federal court.
  • Election of Execute

    Vice President and president are elected in the electoral college.
  • Slavery Abolished

    Neither slavery nor involutary servitude except as a punishment for crime. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.
  • Civil Rights

    Got rid of slaves. People had state and federal rights.
  • Right to Vote

    Black people were allowed to vote.
  • Income Tax

    Congress has power to lay and collect taxes without approval.
  • Direct Election of Senator

    People vote for senator.
  • Prohibition

    Got rid of sale of achole.
  • Women's Suffrage

    The right to vote should not be effected\based on gender. Each individual statement.
  • Lame Duck Session

    Set new dates and new terms for the President and legislator.
  • Repeal of prohibition

    Before achole was allowed to be concumed allowed to be sold though out the country.
  • Limit on Presidential terms

    We are only allow to be president twice. Meaning 8 years. Not apply when in office but when done.
  • Voting in District of Colmbia

    3 electoral votes for columbia.
  • Abolition of Poll Taxes

    Citizens have right to vote in any election, including black people. The downside was the fee for voting.
  • Presidential Disability Succession

    When president is not avalible the vice president has to step in.
  • 18-year old vote

    18 year olds are able to vote in elections must be citizens of U.S to vote.
  • Congressional Pay

    Lets the goverment able for congress to increase pay.