Giuseppe Verdi

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  • Birth

    Le Roncole, Italia
  • An Great Opportunity

    An  Great Opportunity
    When he was 15, was a representation of the Barber of Seville by Rossini Theatre in Busseto.
  • First decision

    First decision
    Nearly 19 years old, he made ​​the first decision for your future. Committed with Margarita, the eldest daughter of Barezzi, and decided to travel to Milan to complete his training at the famous Music Conservatory in that city
  • Death of His teacher

    Death of His teacher
    Ferdinando Provesi was one of the first teachers Verdi.considered one of the greatest composers of Italian opera
  • Continued His Studies

    Continued His Studies
    Verdi continued his studies in particular, with the teacher Vincenzo Lavigna who was professor of music theory at the same Conservatory and Harpsichord Master Teatro Alla Scala in Milan. He was also a composer of music for organ.
  • Birth of Daughter

    marriage was born a daughter Verdi, called Virginia
  • Birth of His Son

    another son, born Icilio Romano
  • Margherita Barezzi

    Margherita Barezzi
    His First Wife Dies
  • Opera Premiere

    Opera Premiere
    Indeed opera, later called Nabucco premiered at the Teatro Alla Scala.
    The result was tremendous. . What song enthused was the coral, which people called Nabucco. 57 opera performances were made, then, Italian independence was already at work, both politically with Cavour as weapons, with the help of Napoleon III of France and the epic Garibaldi, until, in 1859, Vittorio Emanuele II Milan annexed the Kingdom of Italy.
  • Works

    He composed great works until 1900.But it also has problems death by his second wife, the death of his father and the marriage of their children, traveling to other places.
  • His Death

    His Death
    Died at the Grand Hotel Milan.