Valentin Elizalde

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  • Birth

    Valentin Elizalde was born in Navojoa Sonora, a Mexican singer who specialized in regional Mexican music.
  • Death of his father.

    Death of his father.
    At the age of 13 he lost his father Everardo Elizalde after a presentation in Villa de Juárez due to a car accident.
  • His musical career begins

    His musical career begins
    Juan Diego Cota, restaurant entrepreneur, supports him to start his career in Bácame Nuevo, Sonora, in the San Juan festivities where he received his first payment.
  • Graduate as a lawyer

    Graduate as a lawyer
    He studied Law at the University of Sonora, where he finished his studies and received his law degree
  • Releases his first album

    Releases his first album
    In 1999, he released his first album called "Mafiosi Regresan" on Pedro Rivera's Cintas aquarium discography.
  • First marriage

    First marriage
    He marrried Gabriela Sabag at age 18,who was his only wifw
  • Birth of her first daughter

    Birth of her first daughter
    After a year of marriage to Gabriela Sabag, their first daughter Gabriela Elizalde Savag was born
  • Gabriela's baptism / Gift amulet

    Gabriela's baptism / Gift amulet
    During his christening party, Juan Diego Cota gave him an amulet of a golden rooster with which he was nicknamed.
  • Release your first song

    Release your first song
    In 2003 in his first album he released his first song.
  • Divorce with Gabriela Sabag

    Divorce with Gabriela Sabag
    After 4 years of marriage they divorced because of the fame that Valentin had with women.
  • Birth of her second daughter

    Birth of her second daughter
    After a year of his divorce, he found love again with Vianey Duran with whom he had a daughter Valeria Elizalde who is currently 17 years old.
  • Birth of his third daughter

    Birth of his third daughter
    She meets her third partner Azucena Rincon, with whom she had her third daughter, Valentina Elizalde, who is currently 16 years old, the only one of her three daughters who has a musical career, she has collaborated with La Adictiva and El Potro de Sinaloa.
  • Seer predicts his death

    Seer predicts his death
    A month before his death a seer predicted his death, from that day on she became obsessed with reading letters.
  • Death

    On November 24, 2006, during the Expo Feria de Reynosa Tamaulipas, which was his last concert, he began singing "A my enemies" after finishing the concert, it took him 30 minutes to leave the palenque. 3:30 in the morning on February 25 when he got into his truck with his driver Reynando Ballesteros and his manager Mario Mendoza were hit with 75 detonations, 20 of which hit his body and received the coup de grace.