utahs history time line!

  • mormons leave nauvoo

    Mormons finally depart from nauvoo to find a new home!!
  • congress

    The refrence to the act of congress was passed in this time organizing utah!!
  • polygamy outlawed

    The us finally decided to outlaw polygamy!!
  • spike

    the golden spike was hammered into the railroad!
  • Punishment

    the us make up their minds to let the firing squad get in on the punishment!!
  • Polygamy

    The Edmunds tucker act was passed to out law polygamy!
  • state

    Utah became a state!!
  • Brigham roberts

    Congress would not let Brigham H. Roberts into congress because he was a polygamist!
  • Dinosaur monument

    The dinosaur national monument in utah was built!
  • acters

    A female named Laraine Day was born in a place called Roosevelt, Utah she would soon become a famous acterous.
  • US senate

    A soon to be senator was born his name was Orrin hatch born in utah!
  • Anthony gary

    An actor named Anthony Geary was born in coalville Utah!
  • Tribal park

    Monument valley became the first Tribal park!
  • Question and answer

    A Question and answer session was held with John F. Kennedy in mormon tabernacle.!
  • Moses malone

    Moses Malone Was first basketball player to go straight to pros. From school!
  • Miners Dead

    Several minors die near Orangeville due to fire.!
  • ACDC Concert

    Three People die at concert in salt lake!
  • capsule crashes

    A solar capsule crashes when parachutes fail!!
  • jazz

    jazz lozes bad to lakers making people sad!!