U.S.A VS. U.S.S.R.

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    NATO & Warsaw Pact

    in 1947 britain coul no longer afford to defend Greece. the idea of containment , limiting communisim to the areas alredy under soviet union. In 1949, the united states, Canada and ten other countires formed a new military. members pledged to help on another if anyone of them were attacked.
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    Chinese civil war

    A civil war fought between the Koumintang, the governin party of the republic of china's division. the war began 1927, amdist the northern expedition. the war represented and ideologica split between the nationalist, and the comunist. in mainland china today, the last three years of the war (1947-1949) is more commonly known as the war of liberation
  • Korean Conflict

    Korean Conflict
    in 1950, Kim II sung called for "heroic strggle" to reunite korea. north korea troops attack in june of that year and soon overran most of the south. the united state the organized a United Nations force to help South Korea.
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    Berlin Wall

    in the 1950's Wes berlin bacame a show case for mans, unhappy wit communism fled into west berlin. When 1953 came, some 50,000 workers confronted the soviet army in the streets of the german Capital.
  • vietnam conflict

    vietnam conflict
    after 1945, the struggle for vietnam became part of the cold war. At an international confrence that year, Western and communists powers agreed to a temporary division of Vietnam. A non-communists government led by Ngo Dinh Dinm (Ngoh din dee EM), Supported the United States, Ruled souch vienamese
  • Soviet union falls

    Soviet union falls
    In 1956 Western fears of growing soviet power did not come true. in fact Soviet communisim was doomed. Signs of weakness of the soviet has been coming for awhila and has been visible from the beginning. the soviet faced huge problems with economic collections. also they were having trouble with all parts of there economy like agriculture and money. this was a huge part in the fall of the soviet
  • Eastern Eruopen independence

    The soviet union had Maintained Control over its eastern European satellites by force. When gorbachev introduced glasnot and perestroika in the soviet union, Eastern Europeans began to seek more freedom in their own countrys.
  • soviets in afghanistan

    in 1979, the soviet union became involved in a long war in afghanistan, ans islamic country just souch of the soviet union. A soviet-supported Afghanistan government had tried to modernize the nation. its Policies included social reform and land reditribution that would reduce the power of regional landlords