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  • Jamestown Settlement

    Jamestown Settlement
    This was the first permanent English settlement in the new world. The settlers in Jamestown were expected to keep up a good economy through gold mining which led to a lack in farming and lack in supply of food. Only 38 of the original 144 male settlers survived the soon to follow Malaria outbreak. In 1609-10 the Starving Time occurred causing many casualties of settlers and incoming settlers. Despite these struggles Jamestown is still a historic site in Virginia.
  • The Start of Slavery

    The Start of Slavery
    Slavery was the beginning of systemic racism in the US. Slavery became legal in Virginia in 1661 but the first African Americans to come to Jamestown in 1619 were indentured servants, they served times as slaves then lived the rest of their life freely. There were higher demand for slavery in the south. Slaves were shoved into ships to their owners land with barely enough space to breathe, many died of disease or starvation. Slaves were abused by their owners and almost all of white society.
  • The French Indian War/The 7 Year War

    The French Indian War/The 7 Year War
    This war was French/Indians against Britain over land in North America. The war lasted 7 years. At the time France was the dominant power in land. George Washington led many failed battles in the beginning of the war and it wasn't until William Pitt captured Louisburg that the British began to gain power. French Commander John Wolfe was killed which gave Britain Quebec, followed by Montreal. Soon France was wiped out of North America leaving Britain as the dominant power.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    This was the last step in the USA gaining independence from Britain. The US and Britain had many conflicts over taxes and government for the last 8 years. After many battles Britain was beginning to feel defeated. In 1783 the nations came together to sign the treaty. Britain declared the US independent from them and that was the end of the Revolutionary War.
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    US History: VHS Summer: Kassidy Lynch

    This timeline will show the events that happened in early America that have contributed to the way America is today.