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    The Starving Times

    A time where the people of Jamestown had not much food to eat. They ate their horses and everythin they could get their hands on. Out of the initial 500 settlers, 61 are left alive when John Rolfe arrives.
  • The Deliverance Sails.

    The Deliverance Sails.
    Chesapeake Bay JournalThe Deliverance set sail for the America with John Rolfe on board. They are headed to Jamestown.
  • Deliverance Lands.

    Deliverance Lands.
    Chesapeake Bay JournalThe Deliverance lands at Jamestown expecting wealth and health but find poverty and sickness. The Starving Times.
  • Tobacco Harvesting

    Tobacco Harvesting
    John RolfeJohn Rolfe planted tobacco seeds he had gotten from the Caribbean and he started harvesting the crop which eventually became the crop that made Jamestown succeed. John Rolfe became very wealthy and married Pocahontas. She became sick and died in 1617.
  • Mayflower departs

    Mayflower departs
    Mayflower Historythe mayflower leaves Plymouth for America carrying 102 passengers.
  • Mayflower lands at Plymouth Rock

    Mayflower lands at Plymouth Rock
    Mayflower HistoryThe chosen area was an abandoned Native American settlement mainly chosen for its defensive postion, it is located on two hills, and another reason it was choosen was because the Native Americans had previously cleared much of the land
  • First Winter

    First Winter
    The First WinterThe Pilgrims encounter their first winter in the new world. 45 of the 102 people were alive after it was over.
  • Thankgiving

    Mayflower HistoryThe Pilgrims and the Pochanoans celebrate what we call Thanksgiving.
  • Paul Revere's Engraving

    Paul Revere's Engraving
    paul reverePaul revere made an engraving to show people around the country what the Redcoats have done. Hence the name, "The Shot heard 'round the world."
  • Boston Massacre

    Boston Massacre
    Boston MassacreA bunch of civilians were rioting and and yelling at the guards. They were throwing rocks and snowballs at the guards. When one hit a guard in the head, he then fired into the crowd and the others soon started to fire also. Crispus Attucks was killed instantly.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party
    Boston Tea Party116 rebels disguised as indians boarded a ship and dumped 90,000 lbs of tea in to the harbor. This amount of tea was worth about $1 million dollars today.
  • The Wilderness Road

    The Wilderness Road
    The Wilderness RoadThey started to make a 200-mile long road from present day Gate City, Virginia to Fort Boonesboro, Kentucky that passes through the Cumberland Gap. This will be known as The Wilderness Road
  • Lexington

    LexingtonThe british had sent 500 redcoats to Lexington to arrest the rebel leaders.
  • The Midnight Ride

    The Midnight Ride
    Midnight RidePaul revere sets out on the famous midnight ride to warn the rebels of the British regulars on their way.
  • Concord

    ConcordThe British arrive expecting to find the hidden supply of rebel ammunition and firearms but find nothing thanks to the actions of paul revere. The british end up getting attacked by the overwhelming amount of Americans . The british are forced to retreat back to boston. They were attacked constantly all the way back to boston. 273 British regulars were killed.
  • Power loom

    Power loom
    The Power LoomThe power loom was invented in 1784. made the making of textile boom because of the cotton gin and the south.
  • Cotton Gin

    Cotton Gin
    The cotton gin was invented and could produce cotton at 50 punds a day. This made the south start profiting from cotton.
  • The Louisiana Puchase

    The Louisiana Puchase
    The Louisinana PurchaseThe US purchased 828,000 square miles of land west of the Mississippi for $15 million, which equals roughly 4 cents and acre.
  • Lewis and Clark Expedition

    Lewis and Clark Expedition
    Lewis and ClarkLewis and Clark start their journey across the United States to reach the Pacific ocean by land. They crossed 7,690 miles and it took 28 Months to complete.
  • The Erie Canal

    The Erie Canal
    Erie CanalThe construction of the Erie Canal is started.
  • Lincolns Mother dies of Milk sickness

    Lincolns Mother dies of Milk sickness
    Nancy Hanks Lincolnshe dies of milk sickness which is becoming prevelant in the country.
  • Erie Canal Opens

    Erie Canal Opens
    On this day the final length of the erie canal was finished. It is 363 miles long and was dug entierly dug by hand, is 40 feet wide and 4 feet deep. and goes up and elevation of 500 feet
  • Frederick Douglass

    Frederick Douglass
    Frederick DouglassFrederick Douglass finally escapes slavery after two other failed attempts. He heads to new york to become a leader in anti-slavery movements.
  • The Donner Party

    The Donner Party
    The Donner PartyThe Donner party is making its voyage through the Sierra Nevadas on a trail that is almost impassable. Nearly all of the party dies and some of them turned to cannablism because they were so hungry, they had already eaten all their cattle and oxen.
  • The Gold Rush

    The Gold Rush
    Gold RushJames Marshall was walking along the American river in California and saw flake of gold flowing in the river. This is what started the rush. More that 80,000 people traveled to California during this time.
  • Minie Ball

    Minie Ball
    Minie BallMonsieur Minie has invented the Minie Ball. This new Type of ammunition was deadly accurate comared to the normal ball.
  • Harriet Tubman

    Harriet Tubman
    TubmanShe made 19 trips to rescue slaves form slavery. One time she rescued 300 at once. Founded the Underground railroad.
  • Uncle Toms's Cabin

    Uncle Toms's Cabin
    Uncle Tom's CabinUncle Tom's Cabin was written and is said to be the second best selling book of the 19th century, following the bible.
  • John Brown Attacks

    John Brown Attacks
    John BrownJohn Brown and 21 other men have a plan to attack the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia. His plan consisted of giving the arms to the slaves to rebel against the south but none came to help.
  • John Brown Killed

    John Brown Killed
    John BrownJohn Brown has been hanged for his crimes against the south.
  • Election Day

    Election Day
    abe lincolnAbraham Lincoln has been elected President
  • Civil War!

    Civil War!
    Civil WarThe Civil War has begun to unfold.
  • Lincoln uses the Railroad and Telegraph for War

    Lincoln uses the Railroad and Telegraph for War
    Civil war RR and TGLincoln establishes the railroad as government property and starts usins it to ship soldiers and aupplies to the front lines significantly faster than the south is able to. Lincoln also establishes Telegraph lines all along the railroads to make the interchange of messages very fast.
  • Emancipation Proclamation

    Emancipation Proclamation
    Emancipation ProclamationAbe Lincoln abolishes slavery with this proclamation.
  • 2nd Battle of Bull Run

    2nd Battle of Bull Run
    2nd Battle of Bull RunRobert E. Lees men kill 1700 Union soldiers while they were outnumbered because they were on their own land and were more skilled.
  • Gettysburg Address

    Gettysburg Address
    Gettysburg AddressAbe Lincoln gives the Gettysburg Address.
  • March to the Sea

    March to the Sea
    March to the SeaGeneral William Sherman leads the march to the sea.
  • Lincoln Assassination

    Lincoln Assassination
    Lincoln AssassinationPresident Abe Lincoln is assassinated.
  • Transcontinental Railroad

    Transcontinental Railroad
    Crazy JudahThe railroad throught the Donner Pass has been completed. thanks to Theodore "Crazy" Judah and the hundreds of chineses immigrants it was bulit almost entirely by hand.
  • Frank Mayer

    Frank Mayer
    Frank MayerHunts a considerable amount of buffalo all from around 200 yards, which was enough to kill it and not disturb the other buffalo.
  • Cowboys

    CowboysThe cowboys started to show up and heard cattle. They are a mix of ethnic groups from white, hispanic, black, german, and american indians. Drive over 3 million cattle to the railroads.
  • Locust Plague

    Locust Plague
    LocustsBillions of Locusts formed a swarm 1800 Miles long amd 110 Miles wide, from the Dakotas all the way to Texas. Some say that they even blocked out the sun in some cases.
  • Barber Wire

    Barber Wire
    Barbed WireFank Giddeon invents barbed wire.
  • Andrew Carnegie

    Andrew Carnegie
    Andrew CarnegieHe opens his first steel factory
  • Thomas Edison

    Thomas Edison
    Thomas EdisonThomas Edison has perfected the light bulb by using a carbon filament in an oxygen free bulb, he eventually made a light bulb last for 1500 hours.
  • Electric Elevators

    Electric Elevators
    Electric ElevatorsThe first electric elevator is invented by Werner von Siemens.
  • Red Cross

    Red Cross
    Red CrossClara Barton founded the Red Cross. She headed the RC for 23 years.
  • Thomas F. Byrnes

    Thomas F. Byrnes
    T.F.B. Thomas Byrnes is the Detecive Bureau cheif of New York city/ and developed the Rogues Gallery.
  • Standard Time

    Standard Time
    Standard TimeStandard time has been instituted to the United States
  • Sears, Roebuck and Co.

    Sears, Roebuck and Co.
    SearsIt all started when Richard W. Sears started to sell a box of watches to people, then it grew into a giant catalog to order things out of.
  • The Statue of LIberty

    The Statue of LIberty
    Statue of LibertyToday is the day the statue was finished.
  • Jacob Riis "The Other Half"

    Jacob Riis "The Other Half"
    The Other HalfHe photographs the slums of New York to show the rich people "How the other half lives."
  • Wounded Knee Massacre

    Wounded Knee Massacre
    Wounded KneeA man tried to stop a deaf indian from doing something and got into a scuffle and a firearm accidentaly discharged and then the rest of the soldiers procedded to fire and killed almost all the indians.
  • Colonel George Waring

    Colonel George Waring
    Col George WaringHe incorporated the sewage and waste disposal services and set the ground for modern day recyclung and waste disposal.
  • Spindletop Discovery

    Spindletop Discovery
    SpindletopThis was an area in Texas that produced 3.59 million barrels of oil in its first year. 17.4 million the next year
  • Model T

    Model T
    Henry FordThis car was made to appeal to the masses. Made cheaply but made very strong and fast.
  • Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

    Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
    Triangle Fire148 women and children died in this horrible workplace disaster. It was the worst workplace disaster unitl 9/11/01.
  • The first assembly line

    The first assembly line
    Henry FordHenry Ford implements an assembly line to help make his car faster because it was selling faster than he could manufacture it.
  • LA Aqueduct

    LA Aqueduct
    LA AqueductThe aqueduct is finished
  • Chicago Race Riots

    Chicago Race Riots
    Race RiotsBy the time this was over 38 people were dead and 537 were injured and about 1000 rendered homeless. One time in six hours 27 blacks were beaten, seven were stabbed, and four were shot. The cops turned a blind eye to the white peoples violence while arresting every blck man they could.
  • Prohibition

    prohibitionThe 18th ammendment introduced a ban to alcohol making, transporting, selling, and consuming.
  • Black Tuesday

    Black Tuesday
    Black Tuesday, Known as the worst day in stock market history. By the end of closr the ticker had lagged behind 2 1/2 hours. Everyone was selling no one was buying. Over 16.4 million shares were sold, a new record.
  • Banks Fail

    Banks Fail
    Fail BanksDuring the first 11 months of 1930, 744 banks have failed.
  • Bad Year for Banks

    Bad Year for Banks
    Fail Banksit is estimated that, in this year alone, 4,000 banks faied.
  • Prohibition ends

    Prohibition ends
    Prohibition The only ammendment repealed by congress.
  • Black Sunday Dust Storms

    Black Sunday Dust Storms
    Black SundayThe day started out sunny but then a wall of blackness engulfed everything. Poeple compared it to getting a shovel of sand thrown in your face.
  • Hoover Dam Finished

    Hoover Dam Finished
    Hoover DamThe dam was finished 2 years ahead of schedule
  • Joe Louis v. Max Schmeling

    Joe Louis v. Max Schmeling
    JL v. MSMax Schmeling Defeted Joe Louis. Huge boost to the Nazis.
  • Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling Round 2

    Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling Round 2
    JL v. MSJoe Louis knocks out Max Schmeling in 124 seconds. it is the second shortest heavy weight fight ever. Huge boost for America.
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor

    Attack on Pearl Harbor
    Pearl Harbor was attacked on this day by the Japanese at 7:53 AM and then again at 8:55 AM. It was all over by 9:55 AM.
  • Women in WWII

    Women in WWII
    Women in WWIIOver 6 MIllion women worked in the workforce, 3 million volunteered for the red cross and 200,000 served in the military.
  • Railyard bombers

    Railyard bombers
    Rouen-Sotteville Yard 12 B-17 bombers set off to drop bombs on the Rouen-Sotteville Marshalling Yard. When they came back it was a successful mission, all or most of the bombs hit their target and there were no battle casualties and insignificant flak damage.
  • The Jeep

    The Jeep
    The GP "Jeep" was manufactured alot during World War II. By the end of the war there were 3 rolling off the production line every minute.
  • Operation Overlord

    Operation Overlord
    Operation OverlordThe US forces storm the beaches of Normandy. Over 1000 people die on the first day. On Omaha Beach alone over 4000 people died. Overall in the Battle of Normandy 126,000 people die, are wounded, or are missing.
  • The Cold War Starts

    The Cold War Starts
    Cold WarThe Cold War Begins.
  • Manhattan Project

    Manhattan Project
    Manhattan Project is the name of the project to build and test an atomic bomb. The first one was tested in the Alamogordo Desert. It left a crater 10ft deep and 1,100ft wide.
  • Desegregation of the Military

    Desegregation of the Military
    Desegregated MilitaryPresident Harry S. Truman was the one to sign the Exectutive Order 9981 to desegregate the military.
  • America Enters Vietnam War

    America Enters Vietnam War
    Vietnam WarAmerica enters the war after 5 years to give aid to the French.
  • Baby Boomers

    Baby Boomers
    Baby Boomers There were about 330 babies born every hour during this time period. there was a total of about 78.2 million babies born.
  • Levittown

    LevittownWilliam Levitt had a plan to create his own city in Pennsylvania. He made 17,311 houses between Routes 1 and 13. These houses were nice and were really cheap.
  • Rosa Parks

    Rosa Parks
    Rosa ParksShe rufuses to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery Alabama. Which leads to the Bus Boycotts.
  • Boeing 707

    Boeing 707
    Boeing 707The first round the world flight service of the Boeing 707.
  • U2 Incident

    U2 Incident
    U2 IncidentA U2 spy plane piloted by Gary Powers was shot down near Svedlovsk, Soviet Union. This had a lasting impact on U.S.-U.S.S.R. relations.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    Cuban Missile CrisisThe Cuban Missile Crisis starts when reconnaissance photos show Soviet missile under construction in Cuba
  • March On Washington

    March On Washington
    MoW MLKJrMartin Luther King Jr. leads the march and gives his famous "I Have a Dream" Speech.
  • Assassination of Malcom X

    Assassination of Malcom X
    Malcom XThe Civile right leader Malcom X is shot to death.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Killed

    Martin Luther King Jr. Killed
    MLKJr KilledMLKJr is shot dead on his hotel balcony. James Earl Ray is sentenced for the crime.
  • Apollo 11

    Apollo 11
    Apollo HistoryThe first group of men to walk on the moon. The trip took a total of 8 days 3 hours 18 minutes.
  • Woodstock Festival

    Woodstock Festival
    WoodstockThe hippy fest that started a revolution.
  • Kent State

    Kent State
    Kent State4 student were shot by members of the Ohio National Guard. This caused nationwide student strike that caused hundreds of colleges and universities to close.
  • The First Email Sent

    The First Email Sent
    First emailRay Tomlinson sent the first email to himself from one computer to another computer right beside him. It was really just a test message
  • Watergate Break-in

    Watergate Break-in
    Watergate ScandalFive men: Bernard Barker, Virgilio Gonzalez, Eugenio Martinez, Frank Sturgis, and James W. McCord Jr.; were all arrested inside of watergate.
  • NIxon Resigns

    NIxon Resigns
    Watergate ScandalRichard Nixon resigns due to the Watergate Scandal. The only president to resign from office.
  • Vietnam War Ends

    Vietnam War Ends
    Vietnam Warthe last Americans leave vietnam.
  • The Apple I

    The Apple I
    Apple I Apple's first computer is made. It is originally delivered by hand by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. It was originally priced at $666.66.
  • The Apple II

    The Apple II
    The Apple IIThe first Apple II is sold and delivered for $1295. IT came complete with a keyboard and color graphics capabilities.
  • The Columbia

    The Columbia
    The ColumbiaThe first space shuttle to take off. First reusable space craft.
  • The Challenger

    The Challenger
    Challenger DisasterThe challenger takes off and expoldes 23 seconds into its flight.
  • Credit Cards

    Credit Cards
    Credit CardsCredit cards become more standard and you pay over time not at the end of every month.
  • The Cold War Ends

    The Cold War Ends
    Cold WarThe Cold war is over.
  • 9/11/01

    9/11/01There was an attack on America on this day. Two planes hit the two world trade center towers. They both collapsed after a couple hours. 2976 people died on 9/11. 19 terrorist hijacked a total of four plane,s two in the World Trade Center, one in the Pentagon, and one crashed in Pennsylvania.