US History: Chinese & African Immigration

  • Period: to

    Old Immigrants

    Between this time, more than 10 million people migrated to the United States. Most were Protestance and from northwestern Europe.
  • Unemployment

    Unemployment started mounting and by 1873, people started blaming the Chinese immigrants for this. Even though there wasalot more immigrants coming from other countries.
  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    New law that did not allow citizenship to people born in China. This started because people (especialy in California) blamed the Chines for unemployment. Even immigrants that came from other countries did not want the Chinese in America, yelling out thing like "The Chinese must go."
  • Period: to

    New Immigrants

    Even though the time span is alot shorter than the amount of time the "Old Immigrants" had, The new huge wave of immigrants came with about 12 million people. Most of these people were mostly from southern and western Europe. There was so many immigrants that in the early 1900's, 60% of the people living in the nation's 12 largest cities either were foreign-born or had foreign-born parents.
  • Geary Act

    After the Chinese Exclusion act expired, Congress passed nearly the same act again for another 10 years as the Geary Act. This extension, which was made permanent in 1902, required each Chinese resident to get a certificate of residence. Without a certificate, he or she would be deported.
  • Period: to

    The Great Migration

    The movement of about five million southern African-Americans to the north and west of the United States. A big reason of so many migrating was the desire to escape economic conditions in the south and the promise of a better life in the north. It would be hard not to believe that considering the south did try everything in there power to keep slavery legal while the north did the opposite.