U.S. History

  • "Lost Colony"

    The lost colony sponsored by Sir Walter Raleigh was founded on Roanoke island,off North Carolina coast.
  • Virgina

    John Smith and 105 cavaliers (people) in 3 ships landed on Vrigina's sandy beach. Made frist stable English settlement.
  • House of Burgesses/Black labor

    Rep. gathering in Jamestown VA.
    Black laborers were brouth to jamestown in august 1650
  • Pilgrams

    The pilgrams sailed the Mayflower to the new world and made the Mayflower Compact for self-government.
  • Providence ,RI

    The democratically ruled coiony. Harvard was made.
  • Navigation Act

    British Parliament passed a act to meet English needs.
  • Bacon

    Nathaniel Bacon led framers against the gov.(British)
  • William Penn

    The guy who made a payment for Pennsylvania for the N.A.
  • Witchcraft

    If you were a "witch" you were killed.
  • Benjamin Franklin

    Georgia was chartered and Franklin made a book called Poor Richard's Almanack.
  • Zenger Tial

    Zenger was making fun of a British governor and was acquitted of libel.
  • The Great Awakening

    Jonathan Edwards a famous sermon was a big guy for the Great Awakening.
  • French & Indain war/ plan of union

    The french and Indain war was a fight of land and the british(us) against the French.
    Also Benjamin Franklin made up the idea of the union.
  • Sugar Act

    To pay off the French & Indian the British made tax on lots of things in the colonies.
  • Stamp repealed/Quartering Act

    The Stamp Act was repealed do to the Declaration of rights, but the British gov. put the Quartering Act in to play making the colonists have to house the British troops.
  • Townshend Acts

    A tax on paper, tea, paint, and glass.
  • Boston Massacre

    British troops fired at a mob in Boston.
  • Boston Tea Party

    To protest the Tea Act people tossed tea into the water overboard.
  • Intolerable Acts

    Barraled use of the Boston harbor untill the tea was paid for.
  • Lexinton & Concord

    The frist battles of the revolutionary war. The u.s. pushed them back.
    Paul Revere warned the that the British were coming
  • Common Sense/France and Spain in the war/Declaration

    Common Sense was a book wrote by Tomas Pain to help the war.
    France and Spain whated to help so they joined the war effort with the U.S.
    The Declaration of independence was appoved on July 4.
  • America

    Washington won the Princeton battle in the revolutionary war against Lord Cornwallis. the Princeton
  • John Paul Jones

    'I have not yet begun to fight!"
  • War Over

    The British were backed into Yorktown and had to surrendered to the U.S.
  • Army Disbanded/Paris peace treaty

    The Paris peace treaty was the recognization of the U.S. independence.
    The Army was disbanded under the say of washington
  • Shay's rebellion/Nrothwest Ordinance

    In Massachusetts a rebellion happened with farmers. It failed.
    A new place was made for statehood ,no slavery, ect
  • Prez. and Vice Prez.

    George Washington was elected President and samule Adams Vice
  • Bill of Right

    The Bill of Rights whent into effect right after it was submitted to the states.
  • Again

    Washington and Adams were both realected into office.
  • Whiskey rebllion

    Framer portested the tax on liquor.