US Environmental Policy

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    US Environmental Policy

  • Clean Water Act

    The Clean Water Act was created to stop and regulate harmful discharge in the United States water. The basis started in 1948 when it was originally caled the Federal Water Pollution Control Act.
  • National Environmental Policy Act

    The National Environmental Policy Act established the proper protection for the environment. This held gonvernments and states to become accountable for their actions in the environment.
  • Marine Mammal Protection Act

    The Marine Mammal Protection Act protects marine animals in U.S. waters. This only protects certain animals such as the ones that are endangered.
  • Endangered Species Act

    The Endangered Species Act prevented the international trade of endangered species. Also it prohibited the capture of taking of endangered animals.
  • Safe Drinking Water Act

    Intended to ensure safe drinking water for the public.
  • Toxic Substance Control Act

    regulates the introduction of new or already existing chemicals.

    CERCLA was formed to address hazerdous waste sites. CERCLA would contain and clean anyone harmful sites that were left behind by homes and buildings.
  • Food Security Act

    a 5 year omnidus farm bill, allpwed lower commodity price and income supports and established a dairy herd buyout program.
  • Water Quality Act

    the act strengthened the federal water quality regulations by providing changes in permitting and adds substantial penalties for permit violations.
  • Clean Air Act

    The Clean Air Act protects the air quality in the U.S. This is the basis of the EPA to protect the air and make it safe for everyone.
  • Pollution Prevention Act

    The Pollution Prevention Act creates a pollution fre environment. It does the by creating effective changes in production of most products.
  • Oil Pollution Act

    to mitigate and prevent civil liability from the furture oil spills off the coast of the United States.
  • Food Quality Protection Act

    Standardized the way the environmental protection agency would manage the use of pesticides and amended the federal insecticide, fungicide, and rodenticide act and the federal food drug cosmetic act.