United States in World Affairs

  • korean war

    Americn troops help defend south Korea for 3 years.
  • Bay of PIgs

    U.S. sponsored invasion of Cuba fails
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    U.S. forces Soviet Union to remove nuclear missiles from CUba
  • U.S. build up of troops in Vietnam

  • Nixon visits China and Soviet Union

    Nixon and Brezhnev sign first Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty
  • Paris Peace Accords Signed

    Ends U.S. involvement in Vietnam war
  • OPEC places places an embargo on oil to the U.S. because of the nations support for Israel in October War

  • U.S. signs treaty agreeing to return Canal Zone and control of canal to Panama by 1999

  • Camp David Accords

    Jimmy Carter Sponsors peace talks between Egypt and Israel
  • U.S. pllaces embargo on sales of American grain to the Soviet union

    in response to Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, U.S. places an embargo on sales of American grain to Soviet Union, boycotts Moscow Olympic Games, and delays completion of SALT 2
  • U.S. establishes full diplomatic relations with CHina

  • Ronald Reagn orders invasion of Grenada after a Marxist revolution in that Carribean Nation

  • Iran Weapons Deal

    American public learns that U.S. secretly sold weapons to Iran in hopes of gaining release of American hostages in Lebanon
  • U.S. invades Panama and captures Manuel Noriega

  • Bush and Gorbachev hold summit in Washington D.C.

  • Persian Gulf War

    U.S. led multinational force ends Iraqi occupation of Kuwait
  • Attack on U.S.

    The war on terror