United States immigration 1850 to present

By Swavey
  • 1862

    The Homestead Act provides land to settlers .
  • 1870 Fifteenth amendment

    1870 Fifteenth amendment
    The fifteenth amendment is ratified granting voting rights for citezens.
  • 1880 Chinese Exclusion act

    1880 Chinese Exclusion act
    Rejects all chines immigration to the U.S for ten years.
  • Immigration act of 1882

    Immigration act of 1882
    Taxes all immigrants 50 cents from wherever they enter the U.S.
  • Alien contract labor law

    Alien contract labor law
    The law states that no person can bring in immigrants to preform labor.
  • The Geary act

    The Geary act
    The Geary act extends the chinese act for another ten years
  • The Naturalization act

    The Naturalization act
    Makes that learning the english language a requirement for citezens.
  • The Expatration act

    The Expatration act
    States that any american woman that marries an immigrant loses her citezenship.
  • Californias alen land law

    Californias alen land law
    Immigrants are not able to property in a state.
  • Immigration act on 1917

    Immigration act on 1917
    Restrics immigrants form asia by creating a barrier.
  • The Jones Shafroth act

    The Jones Shafroth act
    This act grants U.S citizenship to puerto ricans.
  • The Emergency Quota act

    The Emergency Quota act
    Restricts immigration from a given country to 3%
  • The Cable act

    The Cable act
    Partially repeals the expatration act.
  • Immigration act of 1924

    Immigration act of 1924
    Limits annual european immigration tp 2% of the number of people living in the country.
  • The Orientel Exclusion act

    The Orientel Exclusion act
    Prohibits immigration from asia
  • The Tydings-mcduffe act

    The Tydings-mcduffe act
    Grantes the phillipines independence from the United States
  • The Alien Registration act

    The Alien Registration act
    Requires fingerprints of all immigrants in the United States