Unit 7: Corruption and Capitalism in the Gilded Age

  • Grant Elected President

  • Period: to

    Grant's First Term

  • National Prohibitation Party Formed

  • Women Gain Vote (WY)

  • Knights of Labor Founded

  • Trans-Continential Raillroad Completed

  • Black Friday

  • Rockefeller Creates Standard Oil

  • New York Times Gets Evidence On Tweed

    (M/D date not avaliable)
  • Tweed Busted

    (M/D date not avaliable)
  • Credit Mobilier Scandal

  • Grant 'Granted' Another Term

  • Period: to

    Grant's Second Term

  • Depression of 1873

  • Civil Rights Act

  • Resumption Act

  • Hayes-Tilden Standoff

  • COlorado Joins the Union

  • Period: to

    Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Term

    (Got electoral vote but lost popular vote)
  • Compromise Of 1877

  • Period: to

    James Garfield's Presidency

    Garfield was assaisinated while in office by a mad office-seeking man.
  • Knights of Labor Publicized

  • Period: to

    Chester A. Arthur Presidential Term

  • Chinese Exclusion Act

  • Pendelton Act

  • Knights of Labor Reach 750,000 Members

  • Period: to

    Grover Cleveland First Term

  • Statue of Liberty Given By France

  • National Labor Union Founded

  • Haymarket Square Bombing

  • Pacific RR Vs Illinois

  • American Protective Agency Formed

  • Interstate Commerce Act

  • Dawes Severality Act

  • Period: to

    Benjamin Harrison Presidential Term

  • McKinley Tariff Act of 1890

  • Sherman Antitrust Act

  • Battle Of Wounded Knee

  • Depression of 1893

  • Period: to

    Grover Cleveland Second Term

  • Wilson-Gorman Tariff of 1894

  • Labor Day Made National Holiday

  • Plessy Vs. Ferguson