Unit 3

Timeline created by AlyssaRivest
  • Articles of Confederation

    Articles of Confederation
    The 13 newly independent states unted into one country.
    American political leaders adopted a weak ntional government.
  • critical period

    critical period
    Time period during which the US was under the articiles o Confederation.
    There was huge war debt.
  • Lad Oridinance of 1785

    Lad Oridinance of 1785
    Was a major success during the Critical Period.
    Established a plan for surveying the western lands.
  • Annapolis Convention

    Annapolis Convention
    Called to settle disputes among states over commerce
    Only 5 states show up.
  • Northwest Ordinance of 1787

    Northwest Ordinance of 1787
    Success during the critical period.
    Provided the process of the creation and admission of new states.
  • Shays Rebellion

    Shays Rebellion
  • Constitutional Convention

    Constitutional Convention
    Started in Philadelphia
    Key leader was George Washington.
  • The Great Compromise

    The Great Compromise
    Created 2 house congress
    In the senate each states gets 2 senators.
  • 3/5s compromise

    3/5s compromise
    Slaves counted as 3/5 of a person when determining a states rep. in the hous of rep.
    Plancated southern states.
  • Bill of rights signed

    Bill of rights signed
    Virginia became the last state to ratify the bill of rights.written by james Madison.