Unit 3

  • Champlain colonizes Quebec for France

  • Louis the 8th becomes king of France

  • First Navigation Laws to control colonial commerce

  • Period: to

    King William's War

  • Yale College founded

  • Period: to

    Queen Anne's War

  • French found New Orleans

  • First edition of Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanack

  • John Edwards begins Great Awakening

  • Period: to

    Zenger free-press trail in New York

  • George Whitefield spreads Great Awakening

  • Period: to

    King George's War

    War of Austrian Succession
  • Princeton College Founded

  • Washington battles French on Frontier

  • Period: to

    Seven Year's War

    French and Indian War
  • Pitt emerges as leader of British goverment

  • Peace of Paris

  • Brown College Founded

  • Paxton Boys march on Philadelphia

  • Sugar

  • Quartering Act

  • Stamp Act

  • Stamp Act Congress

  • Rutgers Founded

  • Townshend Acts

  • British troops occupy Boston

  • Period: to

    Regulator protests

  • Dartmouth College Founded

  • Boston Massacre

  • Committees of correspndence

  • Intolerable Acts

  • First Continential Congress

  • Battles of Lexington and Concord