Us constitution

Unit 3

  • Articles of Confederation

    Strengths:To declare war and make peace,to coin and borrow money,to detail with foreign countries and sign treaties,and to operate post offices.
    Weaknesses:National government could not force the sates to obey its law,it did not have the power to tax,did not have the power to enforce laws,congress lacked strong and steady leadership,there was no national army or navy,there was no system of national courts,each state could issue its own paper money,and each state could put tariffs between states.
  • Creation of the Constitution

    Who: James Madison
    Where: Philadelphia
    Why: To form a better union and Articles weren't working.
  • Constitutional Convention

    Who: 55 delegates including George Washington
    Where: Philadelphia
    Why: The purpose was to fix the problems that the articles caused but the delegates wanted a new government instead of fixing the current one.
    Compromise: Great and 3/5 Compromise
    Components: Preamble, Articles, and Amendments.
  • Bill of Rights

    What: First ten amendments of the US Constitution.
    1) Five Freedoms
    2) Arms
    3) Troops
    4) Search and Seizure
    5) Incriminate
    6) Trial
    7) Jury Trial
    8) Excessive Trial
    9) People Power
    10) State Power