Underwater Photography

Timeline created by lynncomm425
  • First Underwater Photo

    First Underwater Photo
    The Englishman William Thompson makes a picture in six meters depth in the ocean.
  • Period: to

    History of Underwater Photography

  • Sea Bottom Photo

    Sea Bottom Photo
    The Frenchman Paul Regnard presents a photometer and a device, "which enables to take photos on the sea-bottom".
  • Photo Publication

    Photo Publication
    Publication of the first photos of the Frenchman Louis Boutanund Joseph David, the oldest known underwater photos.
  • The Second Camera

    The Second Camera
    The second camera of Louis Boutan and Joseph David; Boutan wants to make an "underwater-photo-panorama" during the world-exhibition in Paris in 1900.
  • Underwater Snapshots

    Underwater Snapshots
    Report of the third apparatus of Louis Boutan and Joseph David and publication of the first underwater-snapshots
  • 50 meters w/Artificial light

    50 meters w/Artificial light
    L. Boutan takes pictures in a depth of 50 m in the night with artifical light.
  • 1st Underwater Movie

    1st Underwater Movie
    John Ernest Williamson shoots first ever underwater motion picture.
  • the First Color Photo

    the First Color Photo
    W.H. Longley and Charles Martin take first Color underwater photograph with a magnesium powered flash.
  • Deep Sea Photos

    Deep Sea  Photos
    There is color and you can take them as deep as the Twilight Zone.
  • In the Future.......

    In the Future.......
    We will be able to take pictures with our eyes and be able to go to the bottom of the ocean.