U.S. History 1887-2008

By 240024
  • Period: to

    Early American History

    Declaration of Independence Signed (July 4th, 1776)
    Constitution written (September 17th, 1787)
    Bill of Rights ratified (December 15th, 1791)
  • Period: to

    Civil War/Reconstruction

  • Homestead act

    provided 160 acres to anyone willing to settle on land in the west
  • Amendments

    13th- abolished slavery
    14th- citizenship and due process
    15th- voting for all male citizens
  • Transcontinental Railroad Completed

  • Telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell

  • Period: to

    The Gilded Age

    Big five (Rockefeller/Carnegie, captains of industry vs robber barons, philanthropy, monopoly, jane addams, laissez faire)
    Hull house founded
    Klondike gold rush
    Chinese exclusion act
    interstate commerce act
    dawes act
    pendleton civil service act
  • Sherman antitrust act

    outlawed business monopolies
  • Period: to

    The Progressive Era

    Initiative referendum recall
    the great migration
    immigration issues
    the jungle by upton sinclair is publishes
    naacp founded
    national parks system created
    16th amendment- established the federal income tax
    17th amendment- direct election of u.s. senators
    sherman antitrust act
    meat inspection act
    pure food and drug act
    federal reserve act
  • plessy v ferguson

    legalized segregation, established "separate but equal"
  • Period: to


    Teddy Roosevelt
    Rough Riders
    Foreign Policy
    Immigration Quotas
    Yellow journals
    USS Maine
    Hawaii is annexed
    Panama canal built
    Open door policy
    Roosevelt corollary
    Dollar diplomacy
  • Period: to

    World War I

    No Man's Land
    Foreign Alliances
    Alvin York
    sussex pledge
    american expeditionary forces
    Franz assassinated
    Zimmerman telegram
    US WW1 allied side
    Bolshevik revolution
    Argonne forest
    Germany surrenders
    WW'S 14 Points
    Treaty of Versailles
  • Period: to

    Roaring Twenties

    Airplane pilot traveled
  • Period: to

    Great Depression

    Loss of Jobs
    Herbert Hoover is a bad president
  • Period: to

    World War II

    Winston Churchill
  • Period: to

    Early Cold War

    Containment- Stopping the spread of communism.
    Arms Race/Space Race- Sputnik rocket
    The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics- Russia's government
    Domino Theory-
  • Period: to

    United Nations formed

  • Truman Doctrine

    U.S. policy that gave military and economic aid to countries threatened by communism
  • Marshall Plan

    program to help European countries rebuild after World War II
  • Period: to

    Berlin Airlift

  • Period: to

    NATO Established

  • Period: to

    Civil Rights Era

    Martin Luther King Jr
    I Have a Dream speech
  • Period: to

    Korean War

  • 22nd Amendment

    prohibits anyone who has been elected president twice from being elected again
  • Period: to

    Rosenberg Trials

  • Period: to

    First H-Bomb detonated by the United States

  • Period: to

    Vietnam War

  • Period: to

    Jonas Salk invents the Polio Vaccine

  • Period: to

    USSR launches sputnik

  • Cuban Missile Crisis

  • Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

    Begins undeclared war in Vietnam
  • Medicare and Medicaid established

  • Tet Offensive

  • Tinker v. Des Moines

    Defined the First Amendment rights for students in the United States Public Schools.
  • Pentagon Papers leaked

  • 26th Amendment

    Moved the voting age from 21 to 18 years old.
  • War Powers Act

    Law limited the President's right to send troops to battle without Congressional approval
  • Fall of Saigon, marks the end of the Vietnam War

  • Period: to

    1990s-21st Century