U.S. and Arizona Immigration

  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    For ten years, this law prohibits any Chinese immigrants from entering the United States.
  • Ellis Island Opens

    The first American immigrantion station opens at Ellis Island. Over the span of its operation, over sixteen million immigrants are processed here located New York City.
  • Geary Act

    The Geary Act extended the Chinese Exclusion Act for a second decade.
  • Angel Island Immigration Station Opens

    This building was dubbed the Ellis Island of the West because it also served as an immigrant processing building just like Ellis Island. It was located in the area known as China Cove and was most useful in stopping Chinese immigration.
  • Labor Appropriation Act

    The Labor Appropriation Act of 1924 is passed by Congress, which establishes the Border Patrol for the sole purpose of keeping people from Mexico from coming into the U.S.
  • Alien Registration Act

    The Alien Registration Act was enacted, which requires the registration and fingerprinting of all immigrants who are older than fourteen years into the United States.
  • World Trade Center Bombings

    This event has truly changed America for the worst. Security and how people live their daily lives will never be the same. Immigration has also been affected because America does not want to let in another terrorist.
  • Homeland Security Act

    This law was established in response to the bombings of 2001 and is useful in helping this country avoid future terrorist attacks.
  • S.B. 1070

    Jan Brewer signs into S.B. 1070 law, which is the "Support our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act" and is to be used mainly to stop drug cartels.
  • Obama Sues Arizona

    Arizona is sued by Obama in order to stop the passing of an immigration law. This is because the national government was granted the authority over immigration by the Constitution and the laws that are made for it rather than the states.
  • Law Failure

    The Arizona immigration law fails to be put into effect because an Arizona federal judge rules in place of Obama.
  • U.S. Appeals Court Upholds Decision

    One of the three judges states that if Arizona has its way and can go through its singular immigration law, then the national government will have fifty different ways of dealing with the issue. An appeals court sides with this judge and upholds his decision.
  • Arizona's Appeal

    Arizona sends an appeal to the Supreme Court stating that its position and law for immigration do not conflict with the national law and policy.
  • Conservative Justices' Endorsement

    The conservative justices of the Supreme Court appear to endorse the way Arizona is trying to crackdown on the immigration issues present in the state. These justices support the fact that states can adopt laws that will change the immigration of people into and out of the area.
  • Supreme Court's Rejection

    The Supreme Court reject's Obama's stance that the national government should be only one to enforce immigration laws within this country.