By ty3124
  • Hull House is founded

    A social settlement for imigrants.
  • Sherman Anti trusrt act passed

    Sherman Anti trusrt act passed
  • Idaho becomes 43rd state

    Idaho becomes 43rd state
  • Yosemite Natinal Park was created.

    Yosemite Natinal Park was created.
  • " How the other Half Lives" is pulblished

    Jacob Riis pulblishes
  • Wounded Knee Massacer

    Last battle of the indian american war.
  • Pullman Strike

    Nation wide railroad strike.
  • Spanish American war

    War between Spain and America
  • Plessy VS Ferguson

  • William McKinley as president

    March 4 1897- September 14 1901
  • De Lome ltter was published

    Letter involving info on relations with Cuba.
  • USS Maine is exploded

    USS Maine is exploded, no one knows what really happened.
  • Open door policey

    Aloud the US to go into chinnese trades
  • William McKinley is assasinated

    William McKinley is assasinated
  • Thedore Roosevelt as president

    September 14 1901- May 4 1909
  • Roosevelt collary issued

    US will interveen with any European conflicts
  • Niagra falls confrence

    Led by w.e.b dubois for freedom.
  • "The Jungel" is published

    Book about the meat factories is published.
  • Republic of Hawii is annexed

    Republic of Hawii is annexed.
  • Meat inspections act

    Made sure foods and meats are ok to pack and sell.
  • Gentelmans agreement

    Imfromal agreement with US and Japan
  • NAACP was founded

    Was to ensure rights for black people.
  • William Taft as president

    March 4 1909- march 4 1913
  • Dollar Diplomacy

    Used as economic power
  • 16th amendment is ratified

    Congress has the power to collect taxes.
  • Woodrow Wilson as president

    March 4 1913- march 4 1921
  • 17th amendment ratified

    The US senate will make up from 2 senators from each state.
  • Ford Devlops assembly line

    Henry Ford helps create assembly line
  • Assaination of Ferdinand

    Ferdnand was assainated
  • Zimmerman telegram is publised

    concervertial letter about the war is published.
  • Sedition act passed

    Sedition act passed
  • 18th Amendment is ratified

  • Treaty of Versailes

    One of the peace treaties to end ww1.
  • 19th amendment is ratified

    woman can vote.