Tyler's Geological Timescale

  • Cambrian

    The Cambrian Period was an important point in the history of life here on earth. This is the time when many of the major groups of animals first showed up in the fossil record.
  • Ordovician

    Is the second oldest period in time. This is the time of the fish
  • Silurian

    The Silurian was a time when the Earth went through many changes that had important repercussions for the environment and life within it.
  • Devonian

    The age of the fish. North America and Europe collided forming a large continent called Euramerica.
  • Carboniferous

    The beginning of the Carboniferous had a more tropical and humid climate than what we have today.
  • Perimian

    this was the last period of the Paleozoic Era. The age of the dinosaurs.
  • Triassic

    Reptiles took over the world. :Largest extinction event in history.
  • Jurassic

    The second phase of the Mesozoic era Many dinosaurs ruled the earth.
  • Cretaceous

  • Tertiary

  • Quaternary