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  • birth of Jonathan Davis

    birth of Jonathan Davis
    Born in Bakersfeild, California USA
    January, 18 1971
    Parents Rick Davis and Holly Davis
  • Jonathan's parents divore

    Jonathan's parents divore
    Jonathans mom, Holly Chavez left jonathans dad for an actor
  • Jonathan's dad getting married

    Jonathan's dad getting married
    His dad got remarried
  • Band getting started

    Band getting started
    Jonathan was singing in a bar and saw hpw talented he was
  • Picking a band name

    Picking a band name
    The origanal name for the band was "creepy creep" , but jonathan like "KoRn"
  • First album

    First album
    "KoRn's" first album was "See you on the other side"
  • Jonathan's kid

    Jonathan's kid
    jonathan's wife had a kid