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Tuesday With Morrie

By mh9031
  • Mitch's First class with Morrie

    In the Spring of 1976 it was Mitch's first class with Morrie, as he went into his class he saw all the books on the shelfs of different subjects. As Morrie was taking attendance he called Mitch's name and asked him if he prefered Mitch or Mitchell, Mitch replied Mitch, Morrie then said " I hope one day you'll think of me as a friend"
  • Graduation

    Mitch is at graduation ad is saying goodbye to his favorite teacher Morrie Schwartz. He introduces him to his parents and give him a briefcase as a gift. He promises to visit him in later years
  • Morrie finds he has a disease

    In the summer of 1994 Morrie soon realizes that he can not do things he used to do and enjoy, like dancing. He has had a feeling that something is wrong and he goes to a doctor to only find out that he has ALS.
  • Morrie has an Interview

    It has been one year since Morrie found out he has ALS and he has decided to not give up on life and to live the way he wants to live, with dignity, and with humor. He gets the attention of ABC and they send out Ted Koppel, the host of their TV show Nightline to interview him.
  • The Orientation

    Soon after Mitch sees Morrie on T.V from the Nightline interview, he goes to visit him. On this first visit Morrie asked Mitch if he would like to know what it feels like to be dying.
  • The first Tuesday

    In this first Tuesday Morrie and Mitch talk about the world. Morrie tells Mitch how he is bothered by the fact that someone will eventually have to wipe his bottom for him. He also tells Mitch that he'll get him to cry one day.
  • The Second Tuesday

    In this Tuesday Morrie and Mitch talk about feeling sorry for yourself. Morrie tells Mitch that only in the Mornings is when he pitys himself because thats when he wakes up and remembers what he has lost, like movement of certain limbs, but then he remembers all the good things still in his life, like all the people coming to visit him especially Mitch on Tuesdays.
  • The Third Tuesday

    On this visit Morrie and Mitch talk about Regrets. This timeMitch had brought a tape recorder and started to record their conversations. Morrie tells Mitch how society is wrapped up in egotistical things ,and aren't focused on the important things.
  • The second interview

    Nightine decided to have a follow-up interview with Morrie. In this interview Morrie talks about a very close relationship he has with an old friend, and he also tells how he lost his mother as a child.
  • The Fourth Tuesday

    On this Tuesday Morrie and Mitch talk about death. Morrie tells Mitch how people kid themselves about death, he says to be prepared to die at anytime that way you can be more involved in your life. He also tells Mitch a quote " when you learn to live you llean to die"
  • The Fifth Tuesday

    On this Tuesday Morrie and Mitch talk about family. Morrie explains to Mitch how important family is and love, he says without loe we are all like birds with broken wings. He also tells Mitch of a poem quote " Love each other or Perish"
  • The Sixth Tuesday

    On this Tuesday Morrie and Mitch talk about Emotions. Morrie explains to Mitch how to " detach " from things because they are impermanent. he aslo tells him to not hold back on his emotions and to go through them fully so hecan detach from things.
  • The Seventh Tuesday

    On this visit Morrie and Mitch talk about The Fear of Aging. When Mitch had shown up he had seen that Morrie lost his battle against dependency but he was enjoying it and didn't what culture that about it. He had also told Mitch to embrace aging because its growth, when you age you learn so much.
  • The Eighth Tuesday

    This time Morrie and Mitch talk about money. Morrie tells Mitch how our country is brainwahing people to believe that More is Good and the people alwyas buying new things and wanting the newest things are looking for a substitute for love, and that will never work because material things cannot substitute love.
  • The Ninth Tuesday

    On this Tuesday Morrie and Mitch talk about How Love Goes On. This time Morrie had made a new aphorism " When your in bed your dead". He also tells Mitch how this is their last thesis together, and he tells Mitch that when he is gone to remember his voice and he'll be there.
  • The Tenth Tuesday

    On this Tuesday Morrie and Mitch talk about Marrige. This time Mitch had brought his wife to visit with Morrie as he had asked Mitch if he could meet her sometime. Mitch's wife then sang for him on that visit and he enjoyed it very much. Morrie then when on to talk about how he feels sorry for our culture because they don't know what they want in a partner anymore and how people get married to soon and end up divorced six months later. He also says that you need respect for a marriage.
  • The Eleventh Tuesday

    On this tuesday Morrie and Mitch talk about our Culture. Morrie now has to be slapped on the back so the fluid in his lungs dies not soldify and kill him. He then starts to talk to Mitch about how our culture is only mean when they are threatend and how thats how everything is in our culture, people, our economy, and how once people are threatend they make money a god.
  • The last interview

    This was the last interview that Nightline did with Morrie. In this inteview Morrie told Koppel how he was not afraid of dying because if he was gonna be alive that it meant he could be responsive to a person and talk to them and show emotion. He told Koppel that he wanted to die with serenity.
  • The Twelfth Tuesday

    This Tuesday Morrie and Mitch talk about Forgiveness. Morrie told Mitch about forgiveness and how he had a really good friend that he did a lot with. When Morrie's wife had to have a mjor surgery and his friend never contacted them to see if everything was alright Morrie never forgave him for it and his friend died without Morrie ever forgiving him. He said "Forgive yourself before you die and then forgive others".
  • The Thirteenth Tuesday

    This Tuesday Mitch ask Morrie what he would do if he had one Perfectly Healthy day. Morrie told Mitch that he would do all the normal things he used to do with his friends and just have a nice average day and he would be happy with that.
  • The Fourteenth Tuesday

    This was the final Tuesday Morrie and Mitch had together. When Mitch got their Morrie was in his bed very sick and weak. Mitch didn't know how to say good bye to Morrie and Morrie said " this is how we say good bye" and Morrie told Mitch that he loved him and Mitch said "I love you too Coach" and Morrie had finally gotten Mitch to cry.
  • Morrie's Death

    Morrie passed away on a Saturday morning, he had just been in a coma and he stopped breathing. He stopped breathing when his family wasn't around him for the first time, as if he planned it that way. His funeral took place on a Tuesday with Mitch present and Morrie's family and a few good friends.