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Travis Pastrana

  • Travis Pastrana Born

    Travis Pastrana Born
    TP is born in Annapolis, Maryland.
  • Learning to Race

    Learning to Race
    Travis Pastrana starts to learn to drive a go-kart around his backyard at the age of 3.
  • The First Race

    The First Race
    Travis enters his first motocross race and wins
  • The Amateur Title

    The Amateur Title
    Travis wins his first Amateur race on a dirt bike.
  • X Games Medalist

    X Games Medalist
    At just 15 years old, Travis claims his first X Games win with a nearly perfect score of 99.0
  • 7th Times the Charm?

    7th Times the Charm?
    T.P. racked up the wins in 7 Amatuer races just before turning 16.
  • Another Gold

    Another Gold
    Travis defends his title at the X Games, coming up with another Gold in FreeStyle
  • 125CC Champ

    125CC Champ
    Travis claims his first Professional Motocross title.
  • Contract

    Travis signs on to the team with Ricky Carmichael and Ryan Hughes.
  • Indoor 125CC

    Indoor 125CC
    Travis Pastrana wins his first INDOOR 125CC race
  • Diving In

    Diving In
    TP dives into the Grand Canyon on his Dirt Bike
  • Car Crash

    Travis has a deadly car crash at only 19 years old as he crashed into a tree.
  • Double Backflip

    Double Backflip
    Travis Pastrana lands the first ever double backfip.
  • Rally America

    Rally America
    Travis Pastrana wins Rally America
  • Defending his Title

    Defending his Title
    Travis gets 4 wins in the series to bring him to the victory once again.
  • Rally Gold

    Rally Gold
    Travis reclaims Gold at the X Games in the Rally circuit.
  • On top of the World

    On top of the World
    Since Travis entered rally racing full time in 2006, he has never lost a Championship.
  • Four in a Row

    Four in a Row
    Travis Pastrana wins yet another Rally Championship.
  • No Limits

    No Limits
    Travis breaks the record for longest jump in a car by almost 100 feet.

    T.P. makes his debut in NASCAR, finishing 6th.