Top 10 Inventions from the Industrial Revolution

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    Industrial Revolution

  • Robert Fulton

    Robert Fultons first successful trial of the steam boat was on Aug,22,1787. Later they built larger boats that carried people from Philadelphia and Burlington, and New Jersey.
  • Eli Whitten

    Eli Whitten invented the cotton gin, the date on this invition is only the year, because I was unable to find the exact month and day. This invention automatcitly separated the seeds, and it could make up to fifty pound of cleaned cotton daily.
  • Samuel Morse

    Samuel Morse invited the Telegraph. On this invention I was only able to find the year of the invention, I couldn't not find a offical month or day. Although today the telegraph is outdated, back when it was invented it was bran new and a wonderful tool. It was able to send eletric signals over wires from diffrent locations.
  • Elias Howe

    Elias Howe invented teh sewing machine on September 10,1846. This machine did 250 stiches ina minute, and could do five times the stiches of a human hand. He patented is lockstich sewing machine on September 10, 1846 in New hartford, Connecticut.
  • Thomas Edison

    Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb. This was was his greatest challenge it was the creation of the incandescent, electric light. However some might say that he just imporved teh idea of the lightblub instead of inventing it.
  • Cyrus Field

    Cyrus Field invented the Transatlantic telegraph cable on Aug,27, 1858.
  • Alexander Bell

    March 10, 1876 was the day that the first telephone call was made on the telephone that Alexander Bell invented. The frist three words spoken on a telephone where " Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you".
  • Thomas Edison

    Thomas Edison invented the Phongraph on August 12, 1877. The photograph was to record sound.
  • Rudolf Diesel

    Rudolf Diesel invited the diesel engine in 1892. The diesel engines that we use today are of chorse updated from the type that Diesel invited. This man also invited many heat engines one of those was the solar powered air engine.
  • The Wright Brothers

    This was the day that the first flight was made in the plane that the Wright Brothers invited.