Tom Brokaw timeline

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    Tom Brokaw Eyewitness to Hostory events

  • Berlin Wall

    Berlin Wall
    The Berlin Wall got started and people were separated like the Great Wall of China.
  • The Offensive.

    The Offensive.
    The war in Vietnam had people. People started protesting war, and hippies were big in this time era.
  • LBJ Withdraws

    LBJ Withdraws
    Johnson says he won't run, he halts North Vietnam raids, and bids Hanoi join peace move.
  • Martin Luther King dies.

    Martin Luther King dies.
    Martin Luther King was shot and killed that day, as JFK's brother announced it to many people.
  • Miss America Pageant

    Miss America Pageant
    The Miss America Pageant was born. In this time women protesters were going off about how men always look at a woman as a piece of meat.
  • America erupts

    America erupts
    America erupts. Men are beig drafted, women are getting involved with women's rights, and Pearl Harbor was being attacked. Many events leading to
  • Election night.

    Election night.
    The election of our soon to be president for the United States. Was it a good idea? Or not? Some people think so.
  • Chicago

    Many protesters against the war and segregation was an important thing in here. It made it so that people got killed and shot by cops in the Chicago area around campuses and colleges.
  • Watergate scandal.

    Watergate scandal.
    The Watergate scandal was when our president had been frauding the US the whole time about things that he said he'd do, and never got done.
  • President Jimmy Carter

    President Jimmy Carter
    President Jimmy Carter wins presidency.
  • MAny events....

    MAny events....
    John Lennon died, Ronald Reagan became president,
  • The Challenger

    The Challenger
    The Challenger was sent off into Space. It was a very memoric day for everyone as everyone was quite awesomefied about this event.
  • AIDS

    AIDS. People are getting into all the knowledge of AIDS. As it is a sexually transmitted disease, and can be transmitted through kissing, or other stuff. AIDS reached it's peak in 1986.
  • Tiananmen Square

    Tiananmen Square
    People in China started protesting that they wanted peace in their country like the US has. So, they started protesting about stuff, and the rampaging people took a lot to settle down.
  • Majic Johnson.

    Majic Johnson.
    Majic Johnson had tested positive for the HIV virus. He got AIDS. As it can happen to anyone, but it was a huge shock to AMerica.
  • Bill Clinton is president.

    Bill Clinton is president.
    President Bill Clinton becomes president, and the nation rejoices.
    Bill Clinton was the 42nd president of the Uited States.