Todd Richards Timeline

By jquij76
  • Todd Richards was born

    Ken and Praticia Richards, got busy on a weekend ski trip to Wildcat Mountain.Todd Richards was born in Worcester, Massachusetts.The exact day the doctor predicted he would be born.
  • Period: to

    Todd Richards

  • Todd Richards learns to snowboard

    He first rode a snowborad on the sled hill behind his house. He did not have a good expeiance he came home soak and wet. A day later he went on his first ski trip with his family.
  • College

    Todd Richards was sent to college by a scholar ship and was excited to leave. He broke up with his girll freind and met someone else. In his same intrest snowboarding and skate boarding.
  • First ever National calleglate

    He enterd a a snowboarding contest
  • International

    SponsorFirst trips goingt out international to Europe. He was sent there by his sponsors U.S.A.S.A for a contest. It was long tiering trip but was worht it.
  • Street Drugs

    Todd was doing a lot of street drugs like whip it'sand eat bon bon's. He was addicted for a month and told his parent and quit. His snowboarding career was back on track.
  • Omatic team

    Omatic TeamTodd Richards joins a team that hepls beginner snowboarders.