Titles of Thriller opening

By et3180
  • SE7EN

    Titles of Se7en during the opening sequence.
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    Titles for Thriller opening sequence

  • 00:03 - 'New Line Cinema Presents'

    00:03 - 'New Line Cinema Presents'
    New Line Cinema is an American film studio who produced the film. They are placed on top of a close up of a book and is the first title shown in the two minute opening sequence.
  • 00:06 - 'An Arnold Kopelson Production'

    00:06 - 'An Arnold Kopelson Production'
    Title of producer's name is shown on a black canvas. The title is shown suddenly after the first.
  • 00:11 - 'A Film By David Fincher'

    00:11 - 'A Film By David Fincher'
    The 3rd title is shown 11 seconds in. It is placed on top of a shot of hands with the same font as the previous titles.
  • 00:13 - Actor

    00:13 - Actor
    Brad Pitt is a famous American actor who has starred in many other popular films. His name is shown on a plain canvas alone.
  • 0:17 - Actor

    0:17 - Actor
    Morgan Freeman is also a famous American actor who has acted in many thrillers. Like Pitt, the title is shown on a black canvas alone.
  • 00:24 - Film Title

    The film title is shown in small in the top right hand corner however a sudden shot afterwards zooms in as the title becomes bigger.
  • 00:24 - Film Title enlarged

    00:24 - Film Title enlarged
    There is a quick shot to the main title which is a larger version of the one shown previously where it is smaller and in the corner. This is a key signifier as the shot looks distorted which helps the audience collect ideas of what the film is about based on the fonts.
  • 00:29 - Actress

    00:29 - Actress
    Gwyneth Paltrow is also a famous actress however she is not as well known as the previous two. This is shown by placing her name on top of another image.
  • 00:33 - Actor

    00:33 - Actor
    Like Paltrow, the actor above isn't very well known therefore is the font is placed on top of another image.
  • 00:38 - Actor

    00:38 - Actor
    The fifth actor is shown just over half a minute into the opening sequence. These actors are less significant as they are shown futher into the titles.
  • 00:41 - Actor

    00:41 - Actor
    Another name has been shown which is less significant to the actors shown first.
  • 00:46 - Two Actors

    00:46 - Two Actors
    Two actors names have been shown.
  • 00:53 - More Actors

    00:53 - More Actors
    Three insignificant names are shown. This may be the names of characters who are not in the film as much as previous names.
  • 00:57 - More Actors

    00:57 - More Actors
    Three more actor's names are shown.
  • 01:10 - Casting By

    01:10 - Casting By
    The people who cast the actors are shown. This is important as they are praising the casting directors who found suitable characters.
  • 01:17 - Music By

    01:17 - Music By
    The music director is shown which is important as they are in control of the music heard in the opening sequence and throughout the film.
  • 01:21 - Costumes Designed By

    01:21 - Costumes Designed By
    Costume designer is shown to show the impact of costumes on the film. He is in charge of designing the suitable costumes for the characters.
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