immigration timeline

  • The dead rabbits riot

    The Dead Rabbit Riot was a two-day civil disturbance. It was a battle between the dead rabbits and the Bowery boys.
  • The Klu Klux Klan is established

    The KKK was the first terror movement.
  • John D. Rockefeller creates standard oil

    his oil company was built with his brother and it was a successful business rockefeller became a billionaire.
  • Alexander Gram bell patents the telephone

    Alexander got a patent for his new invention, the telephone, a few days later, he made the first call to his partner
  • The Great Oklahoma land race

    Trying to get places to live, men and women were all down there trying to buy a home and it was full of confusion and excitement.
  • Ellis island opens a process immagrates

    Ellis Island was an island for immigrates. annie Moores and her two little brothers made history for being the very first immigrates on the island.
  • The Wizard of Oz(Book) is published

    The story was written by an American and it was written to enjoy an immediate success
  • J.P. Morgan Founds U.S. Steel

    was the most powerful bankers but he merged nine other steel companies and made one big cooperation the steel cooperation
  • Teddy Roosevelt becomes president of the united states

    became the 26th president
  • Ford Motor Company is founded

    Ford is the 5th largest based worldwide, it was founded by Henry Ford
  • Ida Tarbell publishes her article about standard oil

    The Standard Oil Company was detailed to consolidation of monopoly.
  • The 16th amendment is passed

    established Congress's right to impose a federal income tax in order to build a stronger central government.
  • Angle island Opens to process immigrants

    this is about a station that was built for the colored people on Angel Island
  • The 17th ammendment is passed

    The 17th Amendment allows voters to cast direct votes for the US senators.
  • The empire state building opens

    The Empire State Building took 410 days to fully build.