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    timeline project

  • Brown Vs Board of Education

    Brown Vs Board of Education
    A historic case in America which ended the segregation in public schools. The court had cases from kansas, south carolina, virgina,deleware. Often times people assume that a little girls parents sued to attend a all white school in the neighborhood.
  • Murder of emmit till

    Murder of emmit till
    emmit tillEmmit till a boy in his teenage years killed because he whilsted at a white girl. The murders of the were let go by a white jury. This sparked the civil rights movement to take place.
  • Rosa parks Arrested

    Rosa parks Arrested
    After working for a long day rosa parks boarded cleaveland bus around 6 pm. She paid the fare and sat down at the back which was for the colored section.When white passangers boarded it the seats were full and the bus driver came and demanded that 4 people give up their seats. Rosa parks denied.
  • vietnam war

    vietnam war
    The Vietnam was caused due to the fear of communism. US feared that if vietnam fell to communism then other asian countries around it will fall hence its called domino effect. Some say that this is the only war that america lost. Becasue we didnt know what they wanted. Communist sympthaizes in america urged for the war to end and persuading citizens to pull american troops out.
  • little Rock nine

    little Rock nine
    little rockThis event marked the desegregation of a all white school in little rock arkansas. At first they were not allowed to enter but the mayor of little rock asked president ike to send in forces. President Eisenhower sent in the 101 first airborne divison to uphold the law
  • March on Wahington

    March on Wahington
    The march's sole purpose was to get equal fare and equal job oppurtunites for blacks. And MLK accomplished this feat. His I have a dream speech is known by every one in the country.
  • Kennedy assination

    Kennedy assination
    Kennedy assinationWhile on a political trip to dallas texas, he was killed by lee harvey oswald.The president was shot in the head, throat and uppper back.
  • MLK assassinated

    MLK assassinated
    on the night of a april 4 he was assinated by james earl. MLK was a threat to america. Mlks family believes that james earl was actually innocent but it was the government that did it, The nation mourned like no other for MLK.
  • Assination of RFK

    Assination of RFK
    RFK was assinated by a palestinian immigrant whose name is sirhan. This event took place in LA california. Some say the reason for this could be was of US support for Isarel.
  • WaterGate Scandal

    WaterGate Scandal
    Nixion one of the shadiest presidents was involed in this scandal.A security gaurd at the watergate hotel found a peice of tape laying at the door to National Democratic HQ. This was a larger campaing by nixon supporters to tarnish the democrats.
  • Nixion Resigns

    Nixion Resigns
    Nixon involvement in the watergate scandal was put up for trial. Nixon denied he had anything to do with it but he was the one that tried really hard to cover it up.With evidence of this his own party told him to resign for the better of the country
  • Hurricane Carmen

    Hurricane Carmen
    Hurricane carmen most intense hurricane strom throught 1974 atlantic storms. The winds reached about 85 mph. This damaged 400 million dollars of property. Storm also dimminshed The storm also spawned 4 tornadoes.