timeline project

  • Walden

    Henry David Thoreau published "Walden" to argue that people should become closer with nature.
  • Yellowstone

    1st national park
  • The Audubon

    The Audubon
    Society begun to protect the birds in America.
  • Forest Reserve Act

    Forest Reserve Act
    Congress passed the act, Allowing the president to set a side forest lands.
  • The Sierra Club

    The Sierra Club
    Founded to study, perseve, and enjoy the sierra Navada
  • The Lacey Act

    The Lacey Act
    Conservation act to protect plants and wildlife enacted due to illegal selling of plants and animals.
  • President Woodrow

    President Woodrow
    Founded by president Woodrow the NPS jobs is a managment and conserving national parks.
  • The Izaak Walton

    The Izaak Walton
    Founded to combat water pollution in U.S
  • Big Bend National Park

    Big Bend National Park
    Rio Grande in Texas, by the united states mexico border.
  • Nuclear power

    Nuclear power
    during the 1960's concerns about the over use of non renewable resources such as oil and gas, encouraged the development of power plants.
  • National Environmental policy Act (NEPA)

    National Environmental policy Act (NEPA)
    NEPA was established to promote the eahancement of the nations environment.
  • Wilderness Act

    Wilderness Act
    Law set for preservation and manegment for the publics appesiation and enjoyment.
  • Elean Air Act

    Elean Air Act
    The clean air act established a research and development to contrl air pollution.
  • Earth Day

    Earth Day
    Originated in San Fransisco. Inspires awareness and appreciation of the Earth's natural Environment.
  • USA Environment protection Agency (EPA)

    USA Environment protection Agency (EPA)
    The EPA was established after concerns of environmental pollution sprang up, Their dib is for clean work and healthier for Americans.
  • Dr.seuss "The Lorax" the book

    Dr.seuss "The Lorax" the book
    Published the book to warn about dangers corporated greed causes on nature.
  • Clean Air Policy Center

    Clean Air Policy Center
    Works on air and quality policy, national and international levels.
  • Healthy forest initiative

    Healthy forest initiative
    congress was asked to pass a law that would "expodite procedures for forest thinning and restoration projects" and " to ensure the sustainable forest forest manegment and apporpriate production.
  • Energy Policy Act

    Energy Policy Act
    The attempt to diminish the every-growing energy problems the country faced and it changed the U.S energy policy and now founded tax incentrues and loan guarantees for different types of energy production.
  • co2 Emissions

    co2 Emissions
    Currently the united states is the 2nd largest emitter of carbon dioxide, after china. In 2006, about 6000 million tons of carbon dioxide were emitted due to consumption of fossil fuels.
  • Dr. Seuss " The Lorax" the movie

    Dr. Seuss " The Lorax" the movie
    Universal studios movie receases a 3-D animated adaption of Dr.Seuss " The Lorax"
  • Deforestation

    To stop illegal logging of forests.