Timeline of the Revolution

  • Boston Massacre

    It really go the British on the Colonists case and made them really watch them
  • Boston Tea Party

    It really just set everything into action and showed the British that we meant business.
  • Battle of Trenton

    It raised the Americans spirits
  • Battle of Saratogo

    It was an important victory for the Americans
  • Treaty of Alliance

    It was a peace alliance between the US and France. It kept France from fighting us and goinging Britain
  • Battle of Yorktown

    It was the final battle where General cornwallis surrendered
  • Alliance between the iroquiois Nation and Britain

    The Iroquois were hoping that an alliance with Britain would keep the colonists from taking their land
  • Joseph Brant

    He was the leader of the iroquios and he had an alliance with the British
  • Ben Franklin

    Helped make the Declaration of Independence which seperated the Colonies from the Crown
  • Thomas Jefferson

    Made Declaration of Independence
  • Thomas Paine

    Wrote Common Sense which was a big motivator and he also wrote a poem which as read to the soldiers to keep their spirits up
  • George Washington

    First President and lead the Military during the war