Timeline of the History of Snowboards

  • First Snowboard Prototype

    Tom Sims made what he called a "ski board" in shop class in eighth grade.
  • 2nd Snowboard Prototype

    2nd Snowboard Prototype
    Sherman Poppen, who loved to surf, wanted to surf on snowy mountains. He put 2 skis together and made a prototype for the snowboard. He made it for his daughter as a birthday gift, and is wife called "The Snurfer."
  • Milovich Started the "Wintersitck" company

    Milovich Started the "Wintersitck" company
    His company made snowboarding better known to the public, and he had several ads in magazines.
  • Ski Resorts Are Against Snowboarding

    Ski Resorts Are Against Snowboarding
    The ski resorts in America refused to include snowboarding, and less than 10% of ski resorts allowed snowboarding.
  • Snowboarding Becomes Popular

    Snowboarding Becomes Popular
    More than #.4 million people snowboard in the United States today.
  • The Amount of Snowboarders Increases

    The Amount of Snowboarders Increases
    It is estimated that in 2015 the amount of snowboarder will be larger than the amount of skiers.