Timeline of a Camera

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    Timeline of a Camera

  • Box Camera's

    Box Camera's
    The box cameras are extremely common, coming in at only 1 pound! Now it is much more expensive.
  • The Cameo

    The Cameo
    This Brass camera still uses film. This was used to take pictures for Germans in the first world war.
  • 120 SLR Camera

    120 SLR Camera
    This was one of the first single reflex lenses to be made. These camera’s allowed the photographer to see the image the right way up!
  • Leica II

    Leica II
    The shape of the camera is definetly forming now.Still film, but very successful.
  • Ensign Commando Folding 120

    This English made, rather robust made camera only took 12 frames
  • Bolsey B2

    Bolsey B2
    This camera had a number of improvements from the previous model of this camera.
  • Ilford Advocate

    Ilford Advocate
    This English made camera has to improvements, 1 the aluminium body, 2 the 35mm zoom lens.
  • Asahi Pentax

    The self timer is an improvement to this camera. There were cameras available for 70mm zoom lens.
  • Nikon D70

    The very first DSLR camera, is a huge improvement, as now you can save it on the camera.
  • Canon EOS Rebel

    The newest DSLR with a movie making device, many different effects and more