timeline nest daniel

By pal0020
  • American declaration of independence

    04/07/1776 – American declaration of independence-A letter was written to the king of England at the time stating that thirteen American states will no longer be part of the British Empire.
  • French revolution

    -After a long winter the poor people of France had little crops so King Louis could not tax them so he seek help from states-generals to tax the middle class. The middle class thought that Louis had turned against them so they stormed the Bastille.
  • the cotton gin was invented

    -Invented by Eli Whitney, the cotton gin made a job of separating cottonseeds from the fluff that would usually take hundreds of hours of manpower into something more manageable.
  • Napoleon takes power in unstable France

    -He developed a new legal code. He modernised Paris and guaranteed religious freedom. He changed the education system in France and made sure the peasants
  • The industrial revolution

    • A time period when many things in everyday life improved to make things easier. Roads, canals and many more structures were built
  • California gold rush

    -When it was first discovered the gold supposedly could be picked up off the ground. The money that California earned transformed San Francisco from a small town to a booming city in less than ten years.
  • Gold Discovered In Australia

    This event occurred over about a 10-year period. Australia’s population almost tripled when the world heard. And Ballarat was ranked at number 1 in the world as a gold resource.
  • American Civil War

    The civil war of the United States lit up when Abraham Lincoln was elected president of the nation. The southern side of the country were fighting to continue the slave business going on in the United States and the northern 25 states were with the government and wanted to put a stop to the slavery.
  • The telephone was invented

    This all started when Alexander Graham Bell thought it he could transmit peoples voice’s over a length of wire using power. By March 1876 Alexander had made a successful, but faint, transmission. 3 days on and the first sentence was heard on the new telephone in Boston, America.
  • Invention of the electric lightbulb

    Thomas Edison was the main man behind the ongoing work on the light bulb. Edison improved the plan or the incandescent light. Mahen Theatre was the very first building on earth to use Edison’s electric lights.
  • First powered flight

    The first powered flight was in the air by the curiosity and interests of the Wright Brothers. The brothers investigated closely with previous gliders and decided to make a big plane glider.
  • Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated

    Ferdinand was born in Austria and was the heir to the Hungarian Empire. This particular assassination sparked the start of World War 1.
  • World War One

    World war 1 began in 1914 and the fire of weapons stoped in 1918. More than half the earth was involved in one way or another in this battle either in being on the front line or supplying weapons and machinery.
  • Russian Revolution

    The revolution that occurred in Russia was a political situation that reached its apex in the year of 1917 when the Russian Tsar system was abolished which then proceeded to the making of the Soviet Union. All this lasted until the year 1992.