• french and indian war 1754-1763

    goerge washinton began this war over land during the war the french builed forts to keep inglish colonist out.
  • treaty of paris

    this treaty ended the french & indian war. britain claimed all land east of the mississippi river.
  • proclamation of 1763

    this was a law made setlers not be ableto cross their line
  • sugar act

    it was tax on sugar
  • sampt act 1765

    tax on ewqual documents news pappers, wills, & basically every piece of papper used
  • townshend acts 1767

    series of lwas passed by parliament in 1767 that suspended new york's assembly & established taxes on goods brought in to british colonies
  • boston massacre 1770

    a clash between soldiers & street youths against the redcoats because they keeped yelling "lobster for sale"
  • tea act

    is when the rebles got on the brithsh ship and throught all the tea into the sea because of all the taxes the british put.
  • boston tea party

    descution of taxes.
  • intolerable acts

    a name used to describe the series of laws passed by the british goverment.
  • 1st continental congress

    was a confetion of deligates from 12 british north america colinies that meet on september 5th 1774 at comper hall in phelidelphia in the early america revolution.
  • 2nd continental congress

    the delegates of the 13 colonies gatherd in philadelphia to discuss theire next steps in may 10th 1775
  • bunker hill

    took place on june 17, 1775 mostly and around breed hill during the siege of boston in the early revolution war
  • ft, ticoneroga

    is when a small green mountains boys leaded by Ehan Allen wercame a small british garrisons a the fort.
  • common sence

    the common sence was published by thomas pain and it increased colonial support for the american revolution
  • the battle of saratoga

    this battle was viewed as a turning poit in the revolutionary war. It was a american victory, by the americans winning the french became our ally against the british
  • declaration of independence

    is when america got there freedome on july 4, 1776