time line for Constitution

  • First Continental Congress

    Delegates from all the states except for Georga met in Philadelphia to form the First Continental Congress
  • Second Continental Congress

    the british cogernment continued refuse to reverse its colonial policies. so the the second continental congress met
  • Articals of Confederation

    the colonies have been trying to come up with their first constitution for their nation. It was finaly approved on this day,
  • end of Revolutionary War

    The Revolutionary War ended in 1781 but was ing confirmed wntell 1783 when the Treaty of Paris was signed
  • start of Constitution

    The Framers of the constiution found it safe to say they needed a new law of the land. They decided to get rid of The Articals of Confederation and start on The Constitution.
  • first capital of U.S.A

    after 11 out of 13 states were under the federal roof the congress chose New York as U.S.A's temperary capital
  • 1st Pressedent

    People met in Federal Hall on Wall Street in New York City to count electorl votes and found George Washington as the nations first presedent
  • Ratifaication of Constitution

    on this day Rhode Island became the last of 13 states to ratifi the Constitution with the votes 34-32