Three Cups of Tea Timeline

By WMSnare
  • Period: to

    Greg's Achievements

  • 3 Month Old Greg's Adventure

    3 Month Old Greg's Adventure
    Parents took him on an adventure to Tanzania while they were working as a girls' school teachers. This event was important to Greg's life because it was his first taste at helping out in the Middle East.
  • Greg's Sister Diagnosed with Epilepsy

    Greg's Sister Diagnosed with Epilepsy
    Greg's sister, Christa, is diagnosed with epilepsy at age four.
    This changes Greg's life forever because he always wanted to make her life better.
  • Starting K2

    Starting K2
    In June, of 1993, Greg Mortenson begins his K2 climb. He plans on reaching the summit and leaving a necklace in honor of Christa. He wants to climb K2 to represent the challenges Christa had to overcome with her epilepsy.
  • Greg Gets Lost

    Greg Gets Lost
    In September of 1993, Greg Mortenson gets lost after starting to descend K2, and arrives in the Korphe village. This will leave him promising himself, and the village, to help them in every way he can.
  • Greg Raises Money

    Greg Raises Money
    Greg returns home to the United States, and begins an attempt to raise money for the Korphe school. He receieves $12,000 from Dr. Jean Hoerni in August of 1994. He will forever feel in debt to Dr. Hoerni.
  • Greg Returns to Pakistan

    Greg Returns to Pakistan
    Greg returns to Pakistan to start building the Korphe village's school. This is sentimental to Greg because it is his first main goal to help out Korphe.
  • Greg Meets Tara

    Greg Meets Tara
    Greg meets Tara Bishop in San Francisco. They get married six days later. This is important because Tara is Greg's main source of motivation to keep building schools.
  • Period: to

    Korphe School

    Construction of the Korphe school is started and completed. This is important to Greg because he can look back at all the challenges he overcame to get where he is now.
  • Haji Ali Dies

    Haji Ali Dies
    In September of 2001, shortly after the 9.11 bombings, Greg finds out that Haji Ali has died. This touches Greg very deeply because Haji Ali was almost like a brother and a father to him.
  • Greg Builds More Schools

    Greg Builds More Schools
    Greg as the new leader of the CAI, begin building more schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan. They start building schools in the Badakshan province in northern Afghanistan in the summer of 2004.