Three Cups of Tea

  • Birth

    Greg Mortenson was born in December of 1958. He was born in Minnesota.
  • Greg's Father Died

    Greg's Father Died
    Greg's father who was commonly called Dempsey after a famous boxer. Greg gave a speech at his father's funeral which he spoke in Swahili. After Greg's father died, Greg began to feel worried about his sister Christa who was beginning to have many seizures.
  • Falling with Luck

    Falling with Luck
    When Greg was hiking, he fell of an 800 foot cliff vertical. Luckily, he was fine. All he did will pull his shoulder out of joint and brake his arm but that is very lucky because of how high he fell.
  • Christa's Death

    Christa's Death
    At about the same time Greg fell off the cliff, his mom went to check on his sister. When his mom got in the room, she found out that Christa had passed away in her sleep.
  • The Adventure of K2

    The Adventure of K2
    In June of 1993, Greg began his journey to climb to the summit of K2. He planned to put his sister's necklace on the top of the mountain in honor of her. When he failed to reach the top, i think he thought about how he let down his sister, but he has helped so many more people now.
  • She is the one

    She is the one
    Greg meets Tara Bishop at a party in San Francisco. They begin to date and he thinks she might be the one.
  • The Korphe School completed

    The Korphe School completed
    In the cold december of 1996, the Korphe school was finished. Greg was so happy that he is helping so many people by providing them with a proper place for education. He wanted to built more schools so he could help many other people in Asia.
  • Khyber is born

    Khyber is born
    On this amazing day in Greg's life, his first and only son Khyper Bishop Mortenson was born. Soon after Khyper was born, Greg and Tara's first child Amira wanted to show off her new baby brother for show-and-tell at her preschool. The whole Mortenson family was very excited.
  • A new village, A new school

    A new village, A new school
    Greg and George McCown were on there way to a village called Zuudkhan, which is at the very tip of Northern Pakistan. A man who lived there was a porter in the K2 expedition and is now Greg's bodygaurd for the CAI.
  • Gregs Parade

    Gregs Parade
    There is a parade in Gregs honor to thank him for all he has done for people in Asia.
  • The earthquake

    The earthquake
    On this day, there was a massive earthquake in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. This earthquake killed over 74,000 people and about 18,000 of them were students. Also 1,600 schools were destroyed.