Thomas S. Kuhn: 18 July 1922 - 17 June 1996

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  • Birth And Early Life

    Birth And Early Life
    Thomas S, Kuhn is born in Cincinnati, Ohio on July 18, 1922. His father Samuel Kuhn, was an industrial engineer who also fought in World War 1. His mother Minette, was a graduate of Vassar college, and heir to a wealthy family from New York City. Growing up, he attended private schools, which stressed on the importance of free thinking. This helped structure his love for philosophical thinking. He also loved to learn mathematics growing up.
  • Kuhn Attends Harvard University

    Kuhn Attends Harvard University
    After graduating from the Taft School in 1940, he went on to pursue a higher education at Harvard University. While attending Harvard, he joined the Radio Research Laboratory’s theoretical group. This group worked on testing devices to counter radar in World War 2. Finally, in 1943, he obtained a B. S. in Physics. He also went on to achieve a MSc and a PhD in Physics in 1946.
  • Kuhn Publishes 'The Copernican Revolution'

    Kuhn Publishes 'The Copernican Revolution'
    After school and teaching Physics, Thomas Kuhn began to philosophize and argue claims that were previously made by notable scientists. He Published 'The Copernican Revolution', which describes the effects of the Copernican Revolution. This would later help him formulate ideas in his later books.
  • Kuhn Publishes 'The Structure of Scientific Revolutions'

    Kuhn Publishes 'The Structure of Scientific Revolutions'
    Kuhn printed his life's work in his book called 'The Structure of Scientific Revolutions'. Published in 1962, this book was a revolutionary approach to the philosophy of science. This book described how science can change over time, which he famously called a "paradigm shift". Attached is a video describing his philosophical views in his book.
  • Awards And Honors

    Awards And Honors
    Kuhn was awarded many awards from Harvard and other societies over his career. One of his most notable awards he received came towards the end, however To honor Kuhn for his prestigious advancements to the philosophy of science, he was awarded the 'George Sarton Medal' by the History Of Science Society in 1982.
  • Kuhn Passes Away

    Kuhn Passes Away
    Thomas S. Kuhn had been diagnosed with lung cancer in 1994. he went on to battle this for 2 years, eventually succumbing to it. He passed away on June 17th, 1996 at the age of 73. He is Succeeded by his wife and three children.