Thomas Kuhn: July 18 1922- June 17 1996

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  • Kuhn's early works

    Thomas Kuhn' early work was published in 1957. The book was called "The Copernician Revolution" in which he argues the earth is the center of the solar system. He analyzes thee Copernican Revolution by understanding the Ptolrmic system until one accepts that the Keplerian system is what's correct.
  • Kuhn Challenges Science

    Thomas Kuhn became a professor at Harvard University. He wrote the book "The structure of Scientific Revolutions" in which he challenged normal science. He introduced the term Paradigm. A Paradigm is the "Conceptual world views" which consists of theories, experiments and methods. It challenged the idea of what normal science should be by saying different sciences undergo revolutions when gathering en (The rest of the post is on APU) Youtube: Crash course
  • Kuhn Changes Science

    Kuhn became a professor at Princeton university where he taught about his paradigm shifts. This challenged science stating that the fields do not undergo linear patterns but continue to change and revolutionize. It helped us better understand the history of science and scientific revolutions. It showed us what is considered "normal" science.
  • Revolution that is never forgotten

    Revolution that is never forgotten
    17 June 1996 Sadly Thomas Kuhn dies. He is not forgotten though. His changes helped us understand the revolution of science. He introduced the term Paradigm shift which in turn has become and English-language idiom. His works influence scientists even to this day. He influenced academics and helped us comprehend what we now know today about scientific knowledge. He was extremely successful and awarded the George Sarton medal by thee History of Science Society.