Kelli williams

Thomas Edward Lawrence

By kelli96
  • after college

    Gradugter with honnors and became a Archacdogist. After this he went to the Middle East to work in Carchemish from 1910 - 1914. Where he found a close friend named Dahoum. Who becaome his traveling comparion and assistant.
  • 2

    After a suprise overland attack. Aqaba fell to Lawrence and the Arab forces. After this Lawrence was promoted to major. He held a powerful position, as a adviser for faisal and someone who had Allenbigs confidence.
  • 3

    He travled with the arabo delegation to the Paris Peace Conference as Prin Feisal translater. He saw first hand how the Arab vocie was ignored by Western leaders. Now there there wouldn't be a self-government Arab state. It was a bitter blow to Lawrece.
  • 4

    In american Lowell Thomas brought his "Slide and Lantern" lecture to London. This brought Lawrence great fame. But he was still bitter about the mess at the (PPC). Beinf bitter and tired he tryed to escap his celbrity.
  • 6

    Churchill called him back to be a advier in the Colonial Office. Where he helped to construat a pro- Abab settelment for the Middle East.
  • 7

    In 1922 thought 1935 he retured to the relative anorymity of the armed foces. First he was a ordinery airman in the Royal Air Force.Later as a private in the britsh Army. He changed his name to hind his celebrity to ether " John Hume Ross or Thomas Edward Show".
  • 5

    In 1929 T. E. Lawrence came out with a book called the Seven Pillars of Wisdom.
  • 8

    He left the service and planned to have a early retirement. In May he was on his way back home from getting his mail. When he crashed his motorbike at high speed. Ideas of suracid floated around his death.